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SHIELDS UP! South Asia Webinar Archive

Select recordings from the playlist below to listen to any webinars in this series that you may have missed and to learn about helpful security tips, information and tools for your next project.

Shields Up!

Webinar #1: Embedded Security Primer

As an introduction to embedded security, this session will cover the basic concepts, threats and design guidelines for making your embedded solutions future proof for security threats. The topic will cover Why, How & What of embedded security. Attendees will be introduced to Microchip Security Solutions which cater to emerging security needs.

Webinar #2: Trust&GO for Any Cloud

Quickly and easily implement secure authentication for your Internet of Things design using our Trust&GO platform. We will show you how to streamline the process of enabling network authentication using our ATECC608A secure elements.

Webinar #3: Secure Authentication with TrustFLEX Secure Element and Microsoft Azure

The TrustFLEX secure element is a pre-configured device that can leverage Microchip’s secure provisioning service. It reduces cost and risk, preventing the exposure of your secret keys to software or third parties. During this session, we will review the various authentication use cases TrustFLEX offers by default and explain how you can implement device-to-cloud secure authentication using Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.

Webinar #4: Trust Your Firmware: Secure Boot for Application Processors

Secure boot protects against rootkit and bootkit attacks to the pre-boot firmware environment. This webinar discusses how to protect a system that boots from an external SPI Flash to extend a Root of Trust.

Webinar #5: Secure Boot for Microprocessors

From production to deployment to field updates, secure boot protects your microprocessor (MPU) solution from the very start. A secure boot is at the heart of a sustained hardware root of trust, ensuring the integrity of your device through its entire lifecycle. Join us for this webinar to learn how easy it can be to enable secure boot on your Microchip MPU.

Webinar #6: Automotive Network Security

As in-vehicle networks continue to evolve in scale and complexity, more nodes are connected to the Controller Area Network Flexible Data-Rate (CAN FD) network, expanding the potential attack surface for hackers. In our live webinar, we’ll share tips and techniques for improving security fundamentals in the cars of tomorrow.

Webinar #7: PolarFire® SoC FPGA Secure Boot

PolarFire SoC FPGAs provide secure boot out of the box. Join us live to learn how you can roll out your own secure boot methodology using these devices’ secure, nonvolatile memory that is protected with physically unclonable function technology.

Webinar #8: Protecting Your IP in a Cloud-Connected World

The rapid explosion of cloud-enabled applications and businesses is generating a larger connectivity footprint. This means your IP is now facing a bigger and more global threat from hackers, counterfeiters and competitors. We will discuss threats and how to counter them using a hybrid solution comprised of both hardware and software.

Webinar #9: Symmetric Cryptography Primer

Are you unfamiliar with cryptography or do you need a refresher in secure communication? At this webinar, we will explore the fundamentals of symmetric cryptography and discuss how identity is created and used for authentication, integrity and confidentiality. We will also provide real-world application examples to help you get started with using cryptography in your connected design.