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Precision Measurement Solutions

The need to accurately measure and monitor the wide assortment of small analog signals that make up our world continues to grow. From patient monitoring to automated factories to the latest gaming systems, today’s electronics demand ever increasing performance. To address a wide range of precision measurement challenges, Microchip offers an extensive portfolio of stand-alone analog products  including amplifiers, data converters, digital potentiometers and voltage references. These stand-alone products work in harmony with a variety of microcontrollers to provide optimal performance in medical, industrial, automotive and consumer applications.
  • Low-power and small package solutions
  • Architectures including SAR, delta-sigma and pipelined
  • Series and shunt-based architectures
  • Low-power, high-accuracy options supporting a wide range of output voltages
  • Optimized performance over a wide gain range
  • Zero-drift architecture for ultra-high precision
  • Enhanced Electromagnetic Interface (EMI) rejection
  • Low-power solutions from 6- to 8-bit resolution
  • Single, dual and quad channel options
  • Volatile and non-volatile options
  • Extensive portfolio including general purpose and precision amplifiers
  • Select products with enhanced EMI rejection
  • Bandwidths ranging from 9 kHz up to 80 MHz
  • Low-power solutions from 8- to 12-bit resolution
  • Volatile and non-volatile options
  • Small package options