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Mobile and fixed wireless connectivity products support our daily lives in so many ways that we have become accustomed to network access and communication wherever we go. With this dramatic rise in network availability, speed and accessibility over the last three decades, we are now disappointed when Wi-Fi® networks are not available in every public venue. We are troubled by dropped calls in remote areas. We expect flawless GPS navigation in our vehicles. We connect to high-definition video chats from our smartphones, homes and offices. We imagine that we will be able to locate the people and assets that are important to us and monitor their health and condition at all hours in the not-too-distant future.

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and a general demand for pervasive connectivity to mobile applications and digital services have mandated the deployment of faster wireless networks, in more places, at short range and over long distances, with greater security characteristics and 100% uptime.

With over 30 years of innovation in embedded control systems, Microchip has been at the center of many mobile and wireless ecosystems as they have evolved. We support our clients at every stage of development as they architect leading-edge designs in a wide variety of disciplines that are enhanced by wireless connectivity.

Typical Wireless Applications

Healthcare and Fitness

Home, Industrial and Building Automation

Wi-Fi Sensors

RF Remotes

Explore Our Wireless Products

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of certified products supported by a variety of design resources and industry-leading technical support to make it easy for you to add wireless connectivity to your next design. Select from these options:


Chip-down solutions or stand-alone Wi-Fi MCU modules that ensure robust, reliable and safe connections in your embedded design

Bluetooth® Low Energy

Network processors and modules that are certified to the Bluetooth 5.0 standard to eliminate the need for Bluetooth certification testing

LoRa® Technology

Solutions that run out of the box to add low-power, long-range connectivity to battery-operated end nodes for the Internet of Things and other applications


Microcontrollers (MCUs), transceivers and modules that support the low-cost, low-power Zigbee standard


Receiver, transceiver and transmitter ICs for long-life, battery-powered devices operating in the license-free ISM frequency bands

Remote Controls

Passive RFID, RF and IR solutions supporting a broad selection of modulations and frequencies for creating simple and economical RF remotes