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We offer a wide portfolio of step-up (boost) switching regulators which provide a regulated output voltage higher than the supplied input voltage. The portfolio contains a variety of products that are capable of input voltages ranging from below 1V up to 40V and output voltages up to 65V to provide simple, high power density, and cost effective solutions for a multitude of applications including battery-powered devices and driving LEDs. Selections of both synchronous and non-synchronous rectification products are available to address a wide range of power requirements and applications requiring alternative topologies such as SEPIC, CUK, or flyback.

Synchronous Products

  • Synchronous rectification FET is used in place of rectification diode
  • Reduces conduction losses

Non-Synchronous Products

  • Traditional rectification diode used
  • Many of these products can also be configured as SEPIC, CUK, or flyback switching regulators

Low Iq Products

  • Ideal for battery-powered applications requiring long life