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Nothing contributes to a product’s perceived value more than a positive User Experience (UX). A dynamic, intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) is easily the greatest contributor to positive UX impressions. MPLAB® Harmony Graphics Suite (MHGS) significantly reduces your GUI development cost, time and risk. Some of its key benefits include:

  • Simplified software development using our zero-cost, integrated software tools to help you get to production quickly
  • Code portability across most 32-bit MCUs and MPUs with optimized graphics libraries and applications to provide the best graphics platform for your design’s requirements
  • Easy-to-use Display Manager, the industry’s only custom display driver creator, allows you to visualize display timings and generate custom display controller drivers without writing any code

MPLAB Harmony v3 also provides an assortment of graphics building blocks and demo examples for creating an intuitive and reliable GUI in applications such as:

  • Consumer and Commercial Appliances: legato_cooker
  • Consumer Entertainment: legato_adventure, aria_adventure
  • Infotainment: aria_infotainment
  • Weather Station: aria_weather_forecast
  • Thermostat: aria_thermostat
  • Automotive: legato_dashboard, legato_climate_control

Block Diagrams for Four Main Hardware Configurations of Graphical Displays

This photo shows the legato_cooker application demo running on a SAM E54 Curiosity Ultra Development Board and using an external ILI9488 controller to drive the maXTouch® Curiosity Pro Board via the GFX multi-purpose interface card.

This photo shows the aria_weather_forecast application demo running on a SAM E70 Xplained Ultra Evaluation Kit and using an LCC software display controller to drive the High-Performance 4.3" WQVGA Display Module with maXTouch Technology.

Required Hardware Tools