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AIPD Family Tagline

Application Maestro Software
Codeguard Security
dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers
dsPICDEM Demonstration Board
dsPICworks Data Analysis and DSP Software
dsSPEAK Speech Processing Reference Design
ECAN Technology
FanSense Fan Monitor
FilterLab Analog Filtering Software Tool
HI-TECH C Compiler
HI-TIDE Integrated Development Environment
ICSP Programming Capability
In-Circuit Serial Programming Programming Capability
KEELOQ Security Integrated Circuits
Linear Active Thermistor Integrated Circuit of IC
Mindi Simulation Tool
MiWi Wireless Networking Protocol
MPASM Assembler
MPLAB Integrated development environment, in-circuit debugger, in-circuit emulator, IDE, ICD, ICE
MPLIB Object Librarian or Librarian
MPLINK Object Linker or Linker
mTouch Solution, sensing solution, development kit, evaluation kit
MXDEV Evaluation System or Kit
MXLAB Integrated Development Environment
Omniscient Code Generation Compilation Technology
PIC Microcontroller, MCU, Device
PICC Compiler
PICDEM Demonstration Board
PICDEM.net Internet/Ethernet Demonstration Board
PICkit Starter Kit
PICmicro Microcontroller, MCU, Device
PICSTART Development Programmer
PICtail Daughter Board
Real ICE In-Circuit Emulator
rfLAB Development Tool
rfPIC Microcontroller
SEEVAL Evaluation System
Select Mode LDO Output Voltage Selection
Total Endurance Software Model
TSHARC Touch Screen Controller, Controller
UniWinDriver Software Device Driver
UNI/O Memory Chips, Bus, Harware Port, Communication Protocol, Firmware
WiperLock Technology
ZENA Software