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Microchip is excited to announce our participation at Satellite 2020, the largest and most important global connectivity technology event. Satellite will be held March 10-12, 2020, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

We will be showcasing a full range of market-leading, space-grade solutions including next-generation miniature atomic clocks, ultra-low phase noise and a wide array of other crystal oscillators, space system manager ICs and satellite power management solutions. Please visit us in Booth 1052 to meet with our experts and discuss how Microchip can enhance your next design. 

Explore Our Demos

Whether you’re looking for a preview of what we’re showing at Satellite 2020 or following up after the show for additional information and next steps, here is the list of our demos with links to more product information to help you get started with your design.


MAC-SA5X The MAC-SA5X, our latest miniaturized Rb atomic clock, is the industry’s highest-performing atomic clock for its size and power. It allows precise frequency and timing holdover during GNSS outages or for applications where large rack-mount clocks are not possible. Backward compatible with the MAC-SA.3Xm, the MAC-SA5X offers a wider operating temperature, rapid warm-up time and 1PPS calibration, plus a versatile software interface for flexible control and monitoring.
Chip Scale Atomic Clock for Space (Space CSAC) Pairing radiation tolerance with the CSAC's low power consumption and high performance, our Space CSAC brings the accuracy and stability of atomic clocks to commercial space applications.
SA50 Power Supply The SA50 family of space-grade power converters, with their flexible parallel and series outputs, enable higher current and voltage configurations. These customizable space-grade power converters are highly efficient with optional single or triple output at voltages that range from 3.3 Vdc to 28 Vdc.
LX7720 The radiation-hardened-by-design LX7720 motor controller mixed-signal IC provides a complete closed-loop motor driver with coil current feedback and rotation or linear position sensing. It features four half-bridge drivers with floating current sense for motor coil driving, six bi-level inputs for sensing Hall Effect sensors or rotary encoders, and a resolver to digital or LVDT interface with primary coil driver. The high level of integration significantly reduces weight and board space while increasing reliability. 
LX7730 The LX7730 telemetry controller is a highly integrated, radiation-hardened-by-design mixed-signal IC that provides many of the required functions for a satellite telemetry system and supports the acquisition and processing of vital sensor data. These functions include a 64-channel multiplexer, an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), a precision current source and break-before-make switching. It significantly improves reliability while reducing weight and up to 75% of board space.
Ultra-Low Phase Noise Oscillator Our Ultra-Low Phase Noise (UPLN) oscillators are designed to provide industry-leading performance in application like radar, test and measurement and SATCOM applications. These products provide excellent phase noise performance from −115 dBc/Hz @ 1Hz offset to −175 dBc/Hz noise floor. These ULPN oscillators are available as TCXO, OCXO and PPS/GNSS disciplined modules.
Space-Qualified, Crystal-Controlled Hybrid Clock Oscillators Our space-qualified, crystal-controlled hybrid clock oscillators are radiation tolerant up to 300 krad (Total Ionized Dose). These devices are designed for multiple exoatmospheric applications, from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to deep space. All oscillators utilize swept quartz to minimize frequency shifts due to ionizing radiation and other high-energy particles and carefully selected active components to minimize single event upset occurrences.