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Texas State of Emergency Notice February 19, 2021

Microchip has limited manufacturing and raw material exposure in Texas.  As of February 19, Microchip has received no reports of impact to the overall supply chain.

Kyocera Mold Compound Notice February 16, 2021

Microchip is aware of the concern surrounding the reported Kyocera mold compound UL94 V flammability rating discrepancy.

The mold compound in question is used in certain Microchip BGA devices from certain Microchip assembly locations. Out of an abundance of caution Microchip has reviewed all BOMs for all IC products and has mapped part numbers and assembly locations and identified customers who purchase these devices.

Over the next several days all identified customers will be contacted by Microchip.

Japan Earthquake Notice February 13, 2021

As of February 15, Microchip has received no reports of impact to Microchip's overall supply chain including suppliers and partner companies.


Business Continuity Management (BCM) focuses on the strategic and tactical capability of an organization to plan for and respond to incidents and business disruptions in order to maintain business operations at an acceptable level.

At Microchip, we understand the importance of business continuity, and we are committed to maintaining systems that ensure continuity of supply and provide for mitigation of potential impact to our customers, partners and other stakeholders.

We have established a Corporate Business Continuity (CBC) Steering Committee that is responsible for managing our BCM program. We have also created a Guidance Document (GD) to establish the expectations and standards to be used by all Microchip entities with respect to business continuity planning.  Informed by IATF16949-2016, ISO 22301, and The SEMI Business Continuity Guideline for the Semiconductor Industry and Its Supply Chain, the GD defines the minimum requirements for:

  1. Identifying and evaluating internal and external risks
  2. Defining contingency plans
  3. Documenting the plans
  4. Reviewing and testing the plans
  5. Providing a customer notification process
  6. Providing for process validation post shutdown


Key Links

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) focuses on documented plans and procedures which address our operational risks.

We have mapped all our integrated devices to our supply chain including internal and external foundries, probe, assembly and test locations. This enables us to understand potential supply chain risk and recovery timing. All of our subcontractors are tier 1 and have mature BCP programs in place.  Subcontractor programs are reviewed as part of a quarterly business review. 

Our BCP program is tested on regular basis at the local level and periodically from a corporate level.  This testing involves tabletop exercises (pursuant to CBC Steering Committee guidance), simulations and live scenario testing including fire drills, shelter-in-place and other drills conducted in coordination with community stakeholders.

For additional information on our BCM program, please contact your local Microchip sales office.