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Getting Started with PolarFire® FPGAs

Learn about development kits for accelerated FPGA application prototyping.

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PolarFire® FPGAs deliver the industry’s lowest power in mid-range densities, and provide defense-grade security and exceptional reliability. The product family spans from 100K to 500K logic elements, features 12.7 giga-bit-per-second, transceivers, robust DSP and high-speed memory resources.

PolarFire development kits lower barriers to getting started quickly with the industry’s lowest power mid-range FPGA family and are ideally suited for a wide range of applications within wireline access networks and cellular infrastructure, defense and commercial aviation markets, as well as industrial automation and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

PolarFire FPGA development kits are exhaustive, user-friendly evaluation platforms purpose-built for analyzing the features and capabilities of the product family. They enable quick prototyping by demonstration of specific applications, features and capabilities targeted by the PolarFire family. Development is simple with a rich collection of easily accessible demonstration guides, application notes, and sample designs.

The PolarFire FPGA video and imaging kit offers a high-performance evaluation of 4K image processing and rendering using dual camera sensors as well as numerous display interfaces. The kit is purpose-built for effortless prototyping of popular imaging and video protocols including MIPI CSI-2 TX, MIPI CSI-2 RX, HDMI 1.4 TX, HDMI2.0, DSI, and HD/3G SDI.

With a 300K logic element (LE) PolarFire FPGA with DDR4 and SPI-flash the kit is ideally suited for mid-bandwidth imaging and video applications. The PolarFire device on-board optimizes input/outputs (I/Os), transceiver rates, look-up table (LUT4) architecture, memories and DSPs for mid-density/mid-bandwidth ranges, to deliver a superior solution at much lower power and lower total cost of ownership.

The kit is part of Mirochip’s broader Smart Embedded Vision solution, opening up new possibilities to implement systems that rely on visual data to make decisions across a broad spectrum of applications –drones, machine vision, Thermal imaging, gaming, video surveillance, robotics, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Machine Learning (ML) and Human-Machine Interface(HMI)

PolarFire FPGA Evaluation Kit offers high-performance evaluation across a broad class of applications. This kit is ideally suited for high-speed transceiver evaluation, 10Gb Ethernet, IEEE1588, JESD204B, SyncE, CPRI and more. The kit connections include a high pin count (HPC) FPGA mezzanine card (FMC), numerous SMAs, PCIe, Dual Gigabit Ethernet RJ45, SFP+ and USB. A 300K logic element (LE) PolarFire FPGA with DDR4, DDR3 and SPI-flash allow a broad class of high-performance designs to be developed.

The PolarFire FPGA Splash Kit provides general-purpose interfaces for evaluation and development of a broad range of generic functions.  

For more information visit PolarFire FPGA Development Kits.

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Apurva Peri, Sep 2, 2020