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Third-Party Tool Categories

Microchip’s third-party tools and providers offer a diverse range of embedded-design development boards and software that compliment the development tools we develop in-house. Over 200 Microchip Third-Party Recognized Providers and Premier Partners provide development tools in almost every embedded application. Premier Third-Party Partners in particular are certified by our engineers to be the best in the industry providing not only a large array of software and hardware tools, but superior support for the products as well.

Software Tools

Premier Third-Party Partners

Reno, Nevada, United States of America
Phone: 800-915-1098

Breadware Inc. is a leader in providing full end-to-end IoT solutions for rapid-built electronics. We have created a unique IoT prototyping kit that will allow you to build and configure an MVP prototype in minutes. Our Mega B prototyping kit includes the hardware to create many different IoT prototypes and when connected to our online Breadware Tools, allows you to create and load the firmware, connect to cloud services and create a mobile app at a fraction of the normal time and cost. We also offer enterprise level rapid PCB development to take you from IoT concept to production.

Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States of America
Phone: (262) 522-6500
Fax: (262) 522-6504

Established in 1996, CCS is a leading worldwide supplier of embedded software, and hardware development tools, that enable companies to develop premium products based on Microchip PIC® MCU and dsPIC® DSC devices. CCS C Compilers are the most advanced, highly developed and most widely used compiler in the industry. These compilers include a generous library of built-in functions, pre-processor commands, and ready-to-run example programs to quickly jump-start any project. CCS IDE C compiler products provide a unique Profiler Tool to track time and usage information for use on functions, code blocks, as well as receiving live data from running programs. Complete proven tool chains include a full line of programmers and debuggers,application specific hardware prototyping boards, and software development kits. CCS is also a leading provider of electronic engineering services for embedded software development, R&D support, hardware design, and custom electronic products that adhere to our client's high-quality standards. Download our free demo for the Microchip PIC®MCU C compiler!

For Technical Support, please visit www.ccsinfo.com/support, contact support@ccsinfo.com, or call 262-522-6500 ext 72. For FAE Support visit www.ccsinfo.com/fae.


PCWH CCS C IDE Compiler for Baseline, Midrange, and PIC18 Families of PIC MCUs


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The PCWH CCS C IDE Compiler supports all 8-bit Microchip PIC MCUs (PIC10/12/16/18 families) allowing developers to manage every aspect of their embedded systems development, from code creation through device programming. Features include:

  • Hundreds of Built-in Functions
  • Source-Code Libraries for RS232, LCDs, HID, USB, SPI, I2C, Capacitive Touch & more!
  • Example Programs for highly optimized code
  • Pre-processor Directives for RTC, CAN, TCP/IP, CDC and more
  • Pro-level Optimization: up to 60% reduction of program memory (compared to other brands compilers)
  • ANSI Compliant
  • Context-sensitive, C-Aware Editor
  • Build Tools and single-click, Real-Time Debugger
  • C Profiler Tool to visually monitor your program
  • Project Wizards: USB, TCP/IP, Timers, LCD, Capacitive Touch and more!
  • Live Syntax Checker and Code-Block Editing
CCS is a trusted third-party tool provider.

PCWHD CCS C IDE for Microchip 8-bit and 16-bit PIC MCU Families


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The PCWHD compiler supports 8-bit and 16-bit Microchip MCUs (PIC10/12/16/18/24 MCUs and dsPIC DSC families) allowing developers to manage every aspect of their embedded systems development, from code creation through device programming. Features include:

  • Hundreds of Built-in Functions
  • Source-Code Libraries for RS232, LCDs, HID, USB, SPI, I2C, Capacitive Touch & more!
  • Example Programs for highly optimized code
  • Pre-processor Directives for RTC, CAN, TCP/IP, CDC and more
  • Pro-level Optimization: up to 60% reduction of program memory (compared to other brands compilers)
  • ANSI Compliant
  • Context-sensitive, C-Aware Editor
  • Build Tools and single-click, Real-Time Debugger
  • C Profiler Tool to visually monitor your program
  • Project Wizards: USB, TCP/IP, Timers, LCD, Capacitive Touch and more!
  • Live Syntax Checker and Code-Block Editing
CCS is a trusted third-party provider.

EZ App Lynx Library for MPLAB XC Compilers


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The CCS EZ App Lynx Library (CCS 52600-1586) is a software library for MPLAB XC Compilers that allows the developer to create an interface between a Bluetooth-enabled, PIC MCU-based project and a smartphone or tablet. Using the free EZ App Lynx App (for Android or iPhone), users can view the status of gauges, LEDs, switches, buttons, sensors, and also remotely control LEDs, relays, etc., because the code programmed on the PIC MCU essentially creates the GUI on the smartphone App at runtime. Included in the library are drivers and examples for CCS’s companion development board (TDKEZWDB) to make learning to use EZ App library as simple as following a step-by-step guide.

CCS is a trusted third-party tool provider.

Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +3612317000
Fax: +3612317011

chipCAD is a distributor of integrated circuits and various development tools including some that they have developed themselves. The Microstick Plus, an expansion board for the Microstick, is one of these gems.

For Technical support, please visit http://en.microstickplus.com or contact info@chipcad.hu

Ottawa, Ontario,
Phone: +1-613-595-1999

Crank Software is an innovator in embedded graphics solutions that accelerate the design and development of the UI experience for tomorrow's embedded devices. Crank Software's products and services enable development teams to develop rich animated user interfaces quickly and collaboratively for powerful and resource-constrained embedded systems. Recently awarded Most Innovative Software at Embedded World 2020, Crank is driving innovation and speed to market for brands like Coca-Cola, John Deere, and GE Appliances.

For support information, visit https://www.cranksoftware.com/services/support-and-training or contact support@cranksoftware.com 

Uppsala, Sweden
Phone: +46 18 16 78 00

IAR Systems supplies future-proof software tools and services for embedded development, enabling companies worldwide to create the products of today and the innovations of tomorrow. Since 1983, IAR Systems’ solutions have ensured quality, reliability and efficiency in the development of over one million embedded applications. The complete C/C++ compiler and debugger toolchain, IAR Embedded Workbench, offers full-scale support for Microchip’s 8- and 32-bit AVR MCUs as well as Microchip’s ARM-based and 8051-based MCUs families. The company is headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden and has sales and support offices all over the world. IAR Systems Group AB is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, Mid Cap.

For support information, visit https://www.iar.com/support/technical-support/.

Merseyside, United Kingdom
Phone: +1 (855) 855 5372
Fax: 972-829-8488

For more than forty years, LDRA has developed and driven the market for software that automates code analysis and software testing for safety-, mission-, security-, and business-critical markets. Working with clients to achieve early error identification and full compliance with industry standards, LDRA traces requirements through static and dynamic analysis to unit testing and verification for a wide variety of hardware and software platforms. Boasting a worldwide presence, LDRA is headquartered in the U.K. with subsidiaries in the United States, India and an extensive distributor network. For more information on the LDRA tool suite, please visit www.ldra.com.

For technical support please visit www.ldra.com/en/company/global-contact.

Halifax, United Kingdom
Phone: 01422 252380
Fax: 01422 252381

Matrix Technology Solutions provides teaching and learning services in numerous fields including mathematics, science, electronics, and PIC-micro programming. Matrix also provides a range of courses on PIC-micro programming, PIC-micro robotics systems. Flowcode is an advanced graphical programming language for microcontrollers. The great advantage of Flowcode is that it allows those with little to no programming experience to create complex electronic systems in minutes. Flowcode is available in multiple languages and supports the PIC micro, dsPIC, and PIC24 series of microcontrollers. Matrix produces a flexible PIC-micro microcontroller programmer/development board for a range of 8-, 18-, 28- and 40-pin PIC micros.

For technical support, please visit http://www.matrixtsl.com/sup_menu.php or call 01422 252380.

Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: + 381 11 78 57 600
Fax: +381 11 63 09 644

MikroElektronika produces a wide range of development tools, compilers and books for PIC microcontroller families. Its first class products are delivered with complete hardware and software solutions including printed manuals. mikroElektronika has carefully created complete development solutions that suite your needs, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced user. Our compilers (mikroBasic PRO for PIC, mikroPascal PRO for PIC, and mikroC PRO for PIC) offer a wealth of libraries, which simplify the initialization and use of PIC microcontrollers and peripherals. Also our development solutions have plenty of practical examples and comprehensive documentation.

For Technical Support, please call + 381 11 78 57 628


Arduino UNO Click Shield


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The Arduino® Uno click shield (MIKROE-1581)  is an extension for Arduino Uno and other Arduino-compatible boards like the chipKIT™ platform. It's a simple shield with two mikroBUS™ host sockets that allow you to connect more than 75 different types of click boards. Quickly add functionalities like GSM, GPS, Wi-Fi®, ZigBee®, Bluetooth®, or thunder detection, proximity and color sensing and more. Software examples for click boards for MikroElektronika compilers are available on Libstock, giving you a repository of working code to use as is, or as a starting point for your own projects. The package includes two 1 x 8 headers, and single 1 x 10, and 1 x 6 headers.

MikroElektronika is a trusted Third-Party Tool provider.

Hilden, Germany
Phone: +49 2013-2878-0

SEGGER develops hardware and software development tools specifically for embedded systems.  We understand the needs and timelines of the modern embedded developer and mold our products around them with unparalleled performance and reliability. Founded in 1992, SEGGER is a privately held ISO9001:2008 company and is steadily growing. Based out of Hilden Germany, with distributors on all continents and an office in Massachusetts, SEGGER offers its full product range worldwide.

SEGGER software products include: embOS (RTOS), emWin (GUI), emFile (File System), emUSB (USB Host and Device Stack), embOS/IP (TCP/IP Stack), and emLoad (Boot Loader). These are all optimized for minimum memory usage, while achieving maximum performance.  SEGGER makes use of its own RTOS and middleware solutions to create highly integrated, cost-effective, development and programming tools known as the industry leading J-Link/J-Trace family of emulators and the Flasher (stand-alone flash programmer). SEGGER cuts software development time for embedded applications by offering affordable, high-quality, flexible, and easy-to-use tools and software components allowing developers to focus on their applications.

For Technical Support please contact support@segger.com.

Or-Yehuda, Israel
Phone: +972-544744939
Fax: +972-39527520

Softlog Systems specializes in In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP™) for Microchip microcontrollers. With over 12 years experience in delivering high-performance, cost-effective ICSP solutions used in the manufacturing of millions of products worldwide, Softlog is the vendor of choice for companies interested in reducing manufacturing costs and accelerating time-to-market. Softlog Systems ICP product line comprises several high -speed, production-grade in-circuit programmers, each of which offers a set of robust features and flexible options that can be adapted to each customer´s specific production requirements. Whether you need high-performance single-channel programming or 4-channel gang programming, a portable programmer for field upgrades, or cutting-edge security software to protect your intellectual property, Softlog has the right solution at the right price.

For Technical Support, please email support@softlog.com or call +972-39527316


Softlog SEC-DS Secure Programming Upgrade for ICP2 Programmers


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The SEC-DS Secure Programming Upgrade can be applied to any Softlog ICP2 programmer. It dramatically reduces the risk of unauthorized reconstruction of hex files, and also limits how many times the hex file can be programmed. The secure programming upgrade must be installed by a user with administrative (ADMIN) privileges, and internet access is required. Once installed, the programmer can be delivered to a contract manufacturer or other un-privileged user. Programming is then controlled by environment files created by the ADMIN with strong encryption.

Softlog is a trusted Third-Party Tool provider.

Softlog SEC4CH-DS Secure Programming Upgrade for ICP2GANG Programmers


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The SEC4CH-DS Secure Programming Upgrade can be applied to any Softlog ICP2GANG programmer. It dramatically reduces the risk of unauthorized reconstruction of hex files, and also limits how many times the hex file can be programmed. The secure programming upgrade must be installed by a user with administrative (ADMIN) privileges, and internet access is required. Once installed, the programmer can be delivered to a contract manufacturer or other un-privileged user. Programming is then controlled by environment files created by the ADMIN with strong encryption.

Softlog is a trusted Third Party Tool provider

Edmonds, Washington, United States of America
Phone: +1 425 245 8247

wolfSSL’s flagship product CyaSSL is designed to be portable, fast, thrifty and secure IOT devices.  wolfSSL is a premier technology and service provider to help IOT Developers get to market quickly and with confidence that their products meet the demands of today’s IOT requirements.

For Technical Support, please contact http://wolfssl.com/yaSSL/Contact.html or email support@wolfssl.com.

Recognized Third-Party Tool Providers


Nuremberg, Germany
Phone: +49 911 99840-60
Fax: +49 911 99840-97

EASYCODE GmbH, located in Nuremberg, Germany produces and sells a diagram-oriented software development tool called EasyCODE. EasyCODE's editor for structure diagrams (aka Nassi-Shneiderman diagrams) provides a clearly laid out alternative to a plain-text editor and supports almost 30 programming languages. The powerful statechart editor with customizable code generation and simulation simplifies the creation of statemachines especially in the embedded field. Furthermore, EasyCODE comes with project management and linkings to other development tools such as compiler, debugger, version control or documentation generators.

eptsoft limited

Spilsby, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1790754037

Used by schools, colleges and hobbyists in conjunction with the free MPLAB IDE simulator to teach PIC programming through highly interactive color graphics. This software teaching tool explains how the PIC micro controller works, including a detailed description of A/D conversion and EEPROM memory addressing. Every instruction can be interactively explored, and the contents of memory can be inspected and updated. Running under MS Windows allows the PIC topics and the MPLAB IDE simulator instruction operation to be quickly and easily learned. Now also available as PIC® Micro Principles V10 eBook from Amazon, Google Play, Kobo, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and all other eReaders with free interactive download software.

Equalis LLC

San Jose, California, United States of America
Phone: 408-912-1686

Equalis is the leading provider of numerical analysis, visualization and simulation software solutions for engineers and scientists built upon open source. Our solution provides more functionality and more flexibility at a fraction of the cost of other solutions, and is used for optimization, signal processing, control systems, embedded systems, test and measurement, and much more. By providing rich premier features and a complete range of services, it meets the production needs of industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, manufacturing, semiconductor and others. Equalis is used extensively throughout the world in both industry and research, including companies such as: Aradex, ArcelorMittal, CNES, Northrop Grumman, Perstorp, and Richard Wolf, to name a few. For more information, please visit www.equalis.com.

For Technical Support, please visit http://support.equalis.com/home, email support@equalis.com, or call 408-912-1686.

Evidence Srl

San Giuliano Terme (Pisa), Italy
Phone: +39 050 9911122 (117)

Evidence Srl is an Italian company focused on real-time solutions, firmware, operating systems and software development. Evidence produces ERIKA Enterprise, a minimal RTOS for the Microchip dsPIC DSC families, sold together with an Eclipse-based IDE configuration tool  named RT-Druid. Evidence also produces a set of embedded customizable boards featuring Microchip dsPIC DSCs.

JTAG Technologies

Eindhoven, Netherlands
Phone: +31 40 295 0870

JTAG Technologies offers generic test tools for boundary-scan (IEEE 1149.x) compliant devices and Microchip-specific tools for hardware validation and device programming. CoreCommander PIC32 allows the activation of the in-circuit debugger mode to communicate at-speed with on-chip or on-board peripherals. JTAG Technologies also supports the in-system programming of several Microchip parts that use the ICSP or JTAG port via its generic JTAG hardware (PIC16, dsPIC33, PIC32MX, etc.).

Labcenter Electronics Ltd.

Grassington, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1756 753440
Fax: +44 1756 753857

Labcenter Electronics is a leading developer of electronics CAD (schematic, simulation and PCB autorouting) software. Our microcontroller simulation product, Proteus VSM, is wholly unique in offering system-level testing and debug of embedded designs in a software environment.

For technical support, please visit https://www.labcenter.com/contact/ or email support@labcenter.com.

LearnOnLine, Inc.

Port Hueneme, California, United States of America

LearnOnLine, Inc. produces graphical plotting software called MakerPlot – Windows® software for plotting analog and digital data generated by your microcontroller and other devices with ASCII serial outputs.  No proprietary hardware is required, just a serial connection from your microcontroller or other device to your PC. That’s it! MakerPlot has been called Graphical Data Acquisition and Control for your Microcontroller and Imagination due to the powerful interactions available between the micro's firmware and the PC software. 

For Technical Support, please contact support@makerplot.com or call 805-630-0193.

Lynxar Technologies

Sassuolo, Italy
Phone: +39-0536-840586

Lynxar Technologies is a global, independent, high-tech company, leader in semiconductor device in-system programming for the electronic boards manufacturing industry. Lynxar is setting a new semiconductor device programming standard for the years ahead. DeviceClip, Lynxar flagship product, is currently the market's fastest, most advanced, reliable and easy-to-use ISP platform for the support of every type of Flash-based device.


Hamilton, New Zealand
Phone: +64 27 496 2963

MegunoLink (Number Eight Innovation Limited) builds software tools for embedded developers. MegunoLink, their core product, provides a suite of visualizers for graphing, monitoring, logging data over serial, UDP and XBee connections. The Interface Panel visualizer lets quickly build simple interfaces to send commands and parameters to your embedded software. MegunoLink fits each stage of the development process from conception and prototyping to finished product. The MegunoLink Builder tool lets you create stand-alone installers to deploy your creation, with a royalty free license. 

Now supported with the MLP Library Module for MPLAB X Code Configurator allowing for quick and easy C code generation for interfacing with MegunoLink visualizers.

MG Digital Solutions

Norrkoping, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)70 - 297 94 51

MG Digital Solutions offers a broad range boot loader products covering virtually all PIC/dsPICs from PIC12F to PIC32MZ. Currently supports UART, CAN, I2C, SPI and SD Card operation. Boot loader host applications are available for Windows, Linux (x86 and Arm) and Mac OS X. Secure boot loaders that protects your IP are available.

microEngineering Labs, Inc.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States of America
Phone: (719) 520-5323
Fax: (719) 520-1867

Development tools for PICmicro MCUs including PICBASIC Pro Compiler and Field Programmer for 8-bit PIC microcontrollers.

For Technical Support, please visit http://support.melabs.com/forum.php or contact support@melabs.com.


Sarasota, Florida, United States of America
Phone: (877) 484-4756

For the millions of electronics projects that don’t need an RTOS, Micropier is a proven RTOS alternative, which can reduce time to market and meet real-time requirements.  Unlike other RTOS alternatives that are event-driven or time-triggered, Micropier supports task-driven, fixed-priority scheduling, which is the industry standard for commercial RTOS offerings.  Since 2010, Micropier has proudly supported the Microchip brand with Micropier for PIC Microcontrollers and MPLAB Compilers, including support for the PIC18 Family and MPLAB XC8.

MICRORISC s.r.o. (Ltd.)

Jicin, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 493 538 125
Fax: +420 493 538 126

MICRORISC Ltd. is a Czech company focused on research, development, and delivery of technologies and components to electronics manufacturers worldwide. Since 2004, we specialize in intelligent wireless technology (IQRF), especially in the realm of wireless mesh networks. IQRF® is a technological solution that gives manufacturers the ability to add wireless connectivity, mesh network compatibility, and Internet awareness to their devices. IQRF wireless technology is ideal for creating wireless mesh networks. Thanks to its easy implementation, it takes weeks, as opposed to months, to create products that communicate wirelessly. IQRF solves one of the biggest technical challenges and meets customers’ needs by providing solutions for wirelessly connecting products to the IoT data cloud.

For Technical Support, please visit http://www.microrisc.com/support or contact support@microrisc.com.

NetBurner, Inc.

San Diego, California, United States of America
Phone: 858-558-0293

For over 18 years, NetBurner has helped companies succeed in networking their products by providing hardware, software, development tools, and a complete deployment solution that is easy to use, reliable, and economical.  Whether you want to network your products by designing your own custom hardware or need something off the shelf, NetBurner has you covered.  They offer standard off-the-shelf industrial grade Networking modules, OEM services for the design and production of custom assemblies and modules, and economical license options for the Firmware--if customers wish to build the hardware themselves and procure MCU devices from Microchip and/or its resellers directly. They also offer development kits to enable to above production solutions.

Their development kits include: RTOS, TCP/IP stack, C/C++ compiler, debugger, Eclipse IDE, a development board, an embedded hardware module, and over 100 examples designed to get you started for a wide range of projects.

Niple Software

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: +5492236325523

At Niple Software, we develop software that allows you to visually program PIC microcontrollers easily and intuitively. Supports PIC12F, PIC16F, and PIC18F devices.


An open source family of programmable and interchangeable system on modules with connectivity for IoT/M2M. Our modules run your application and connect to the Cloud (Wi-Fi or GPRS or Ethernet) or may be directly interfaced to a smartphone. No need for a microcontroller on your carrier board. The free IDE, Tutorials and Libraries (HTTP, MQTT and others) will speed up your time to market by 6 months.

Percepio AB

Vasteras, Sweden
Phone: +46 76 003 0080

Percepio accelerates embedded software development through world-leading RTOS tracing tools. The Tracealyzer tools provide new levels of insight into the runtime world. Percepio’s core competences, embedded software and information visualization, is a rare combination. This has resulted in the amazing and unique Tracealyzer technology. More than 20 cleverly connected views allow you to see your RTOS timing and runtime events in new enlightening ways. The intuitive visualization makes it easy for developers to understand, troubleshoot and optimize the software. Percepio AB is based in Västerås, Sweden and was founded by Dr. Johan Kraft in 2009. In February 2012 we launched our first product, FreeRTOS+Trace, and now 2015, we have a special version of FreeRTOS+Trace for MPLAB IDE and PIC32 users.

For technical support, please visit http://percepio.com/contact or email support@percepio.com.

Phyton, Inc. Microsystems and Development Tools

Brooklyn, New York, United States of America
Phone: (718) 259-3191
Fax: (718) 259-1539

Phyton produces and sells device programmers for in-system and in-socket programming of Microchip memory devices and embedded microcontrollers. This includes gang production programmers and engineering tools. Currently 9000+ Microchip device-package combinations are supported. Socket adapters for all popular packages are available. All Phyton device programmers can be driven remotely via the DLL or in the command line mode. The software is featured with the project support, simplifies user interface and other helpful features. Phyton also produces in-circuit emulators for SST89C5x series of Microchip microcontrollers.

Pololu Robotics & Electronics

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America

Pololu is an electronics manufacturer and online retailer serving education, maker, and professional engineering industries with products ranging from sensors and motion control electronics to motors and wheels to complete robots. We strive to offer well-engineered, quality products that enable our customers to take their own projects from idea to reality.  

Pololu manufactures and sells the P-Star 25K50 Micro, a tiny programmable USB development board featuring the PIC18F25K50 microcontroller. For more information, see http://www.pololu.com/product/3150

Pololu has also released an open source tool called RPicSim, which provides an interface to the MPLAB X PIC simulator that allows you to write simulator-based automated tests of PIC firmware.   For more information, see http://pololu.github.io/rpicsim/

RamTeX International ApS

Naerum, Middlesex, Denmark
Phone: +45 4550 5357
Fax: +45 4550 5390

RAMTEX produces graphic display driver libraries for a wide range of B&W and color LCD, TFT, and OLED display controllers. The powerful and flexible library function interface provides the basic drawing features which make it simple for a programmer to create screen text and data fields, progress bars, pull-down menus, pop-up menus, etc. The library facilitates the creation of the GUI "style" and "look" most suitable for a particular target application area. The library has been designed with a small memory footprint in mind and is therefore ideal for use with small and medium-sized processors like PIC17, PIC18, PIC24, dsPIC, PIC32. The display driver libraries are supplied as C source code and only require the use of a standard C, C++ or EC++ conforming compiler.

Revolution Education Ltd

Bath, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1761 430044
Fax: +44 1761 430045

Revolution Education Ltd manufactures the popular PICAXE system which is used within high school education within many countries for teaching students about electronics and microcontrollers. With its simple graphical flowcharts and/or BASIC programming approach young students can rapidly develop complete microcontroller projects without any formal programming knowledge. Due to its ease of use the PICAXE system is also very popular within the hobbyist electronics market sector.

For Technical Support, please visit www.picaxe.com/support or contact support@picaxe.com.

RoweBots Limited

Waterloo, Canada
Phone: 519-208-0189
Fax: 519 208 4953

RoweBots has 24 years of experience in embedded operating systems and POSIX compliant systems. RoweBots offers the Unison RTOS, a fully POSIX compliant, Linux compatible, tiny real-time and modular OS along with complete design services for PIC24, dsPIC and PIC32 MCUs. The ulta modular construction of the POSIX RTOS or ultra tiny embedded Linux compatible offerings make the entire system very small while also making it easier to understand. The modularity means any new service can be easily added and integrated without affecting other services. It minimizes testing and really makes the environment simple to expand or contract. The ultra tiny embedded Linux or POSIX RTOS approach taken to maximize modularity creates unprecedented simplicity at least and order of magnitude simpler than embedded Linux.

RoweBots offers full product consulting services.  From requirements specification through software and hardware development to final hardware delivery designed for manufacture, RoweBots fully supports its customers. 

Sequitur Labs

Fall City, Washington, United States of America
Phone: (425) 654-2048

Sequitur Labs develops seminal technologies to improve trust in a connected world and reduce the cost and complexity to build secure embedded and IoT devices. Sequitur’s products span a range of disciplines required for trusted computing, from boot through the full device life-cycle. Sequitur’s IoT Security Suite for SAMA5D2 provides real business value to device makers, such as lowering development costs by simplifying use of hardware security components, protecting revenue by thwarting IP theft, and reducing liability by assuring product integrity through its entire life-cycle.

Vector Software Inc

East Greenwich, Rhode Island, United States of America
Phone: +1 401 398 7185

For more than 25 years, VectorCAST has developed and driven the market for software testing, automating analysis and testing for safety-, mission-, security-, and business-critical markets. Supporting customers to achieve early resolution of errors and with full compliance to industry standards and certifications, VectorCAST provides requirements tracability, static and dynamic analysis including unit testing and verification through continuous integration with Change Based Testing for Microchip software platforms. With a worldwide presence, Vector Software is headquartered in the USA with subsidiaries in the EU, India, Japan and China, plus an extensive distributor network. For more information, please visit www.vectorcast.com


San Jose, California, United States of America
Phone: (408) 375-8287

The accelerating power and complexity of computing devices are continually rewriting the rules of software development. Since 1997, Viosoft® has been providing developers with innovative means to deliver great products that include:

  • IDE and debug tools for deeply embedded micro-controller, embedded Linux, and Android
  • Reference designs tailored for multimedia consumer devices, high-performance servers, and cloud-based computing
  • Professional development and customization services

Visu-IT! GmbH

Regensburg, Germany

The company Visu-IT!--located in Regensburg, Germany--offers high quality Tools and Services in the automotive area, especially for the ECU function- and software-development. By using our tools both in the ECU function- and software-development it is possible to follow (customer specific) development processes, eliminate inconsistencies and thus develop high quality products.

For Technical Support, please email hotline@visu-it.com or call +49 (0)941 / 49082 - 16

Zeidman Technologies, Inc.

Cupertino, California, United States of America
Phone: (408) 741-5809
Fax: (408) 693-3727

Zeidman Technologies is the developer of SynthOS®, an innovative tool for the automatic creation of a custom, optimized application-specific operating system (ASOS) for embedded systems. SynthOS can bring multitasking capabilities to low-power processors or optimize performance in large-scale embedded systems, without requiring OS experience or expertise. SynthOS shortens development time while lowering hardware costs, increasing reliability, lowering power consumption, and creating a secure system. The ASOS generated by SynthOS supports zero latency interrupt handling while in the same time minimizes the use on interrupt disable in the system. SynthOS can generate ASOS can support virtually unlimited number of threads and mutexes, limited only by memory size.

SynthOS unique architecture and development approach can support any of the Microchip controllers families from 8-bit to 32-bit devices, with as little as 2K Flash and 256 Bytes of RAM. SynthOS will enable the user to use the same source code across multiple devices to optimize the system, and utilizing Microchip platform-specific code optimization.

Custom design services are also available, using our innovative approach of Task Oriented Programming. We can support the development of sophisticated embedded control systems, while optimizing resource utilization to improve system size, power consumption and cost. 


New York, New York, United States of America
Phone: +1 917 720 5537

Zerynth is a middleware tool for designing embedded applications and IoT connected devices in Python language for 32-bit microcontrollers. The Zerynth stack is composed of:

  • ZERYNTH VIRTUAL MACHINE: a multithreaded real-time OS that provides real hardware independence, allowing code reuse on different 32-bit MCUs, with just 60k-80k flash, 3-5k RAM.
  • ZERYNTH STUDIO: an IDE (or multicompatible toolchain) for developing Python or hybrid C/Python code and connect to many cloud infrastructures.
  • ZERYNTH ADM: An Advanced Device Manager exposing an API-based interface to ease the cloud data forwarding, OTA Updates and Remote Procedure Calling.
  • ZERYNTH APP: A ready-to-use interface to control and display smart objects and IoT systems via web/mobile.

ZETA Electronic Design, Inc.

Hooksett, New Hampshire, United States of America
Phone: 603-644-3239
Fax: 603-644-3413

ZETA is a consulting group specializing in designing and developing microcontroller based products. We have many designs currently in production, from the multiple motor drive system used in the Segway and Ibot, to the multiple processor control boards used in the Talon Robots for Qinetiq North America. ZETA’s engineering design service is a one stop shop, providing comprehensive range of services right from concept to manufacturing, product data management, engineering software customization, and electronic design services to various industries such as automotive, consumer appliances, medical electronics, industrial automation, and military defense. Our expertise lies in applying state-of-the-art technology combined with a real-world understanding of engineering and manufacturing processes to ensure manufacturability, drive down costs, and reduce time to market.