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Third-Party Tool Categories

Microchip’s third-party tools and providers offer a diverse range of embedded-design development boards and software that compliment the development tools we develop in-house. Over 200 Microchip Third-Party Recognized Providers and Premier Partners provide development tools in almost every embedded application. Premier Third-Party Partners in particular are certified by our engineers to be the best in the industry providing not only a large array of software and hardware tools, but superior support for the products as well.

Design Services

Premier Third-Party Partners

Reno, Nevada, United States of America
Phone: 800-915-1098

Breadware Inc. is a leader in providing full end-to-end IoT solutions for rapid-built electronics. We have created a unique IoT prototyping kit that will allow you to build and configure an MVP prototype in minutes. Our Mega B prototyping kit includes the hardware to create many different IoT prototypes and when connected to our online Breadware Tools, allows you to create and load the firmware, connect to cloud services and create a mobile app at a fraction of the normal time and cost. We also offer enterprise level rapid PCB development to take you from IoT concept to production.

Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States of America
Phone: (262) 522-6500
Fax: (262) 522-6504

Established in 1996, CCS is a leading worldwide supplier of embedded software, and hardware development tools, that enable companies to develop premium products based on Microchip PIC® MCU and dsPIC® DSC devices. CCS C Compilers are the most advanced, highly developed and most widely used compiler in the industry. These compilers include a generous library of built-in functions, pre-processor commands, and ready-to-run example programs to quickly jump-start any project. CCS IDE C compiler products provide a unique Profiler Tool to track time and usage information for use on functions, code blocks, as well as receiving live data from running programs. Complete proven tool chains include a full line of programmers and debuggers,application specific hardware prototyping boards, and software development kits. CCS is also a leading provider of electronic engineering services for embedded software development, R&D support, hardware design, and custom electronic products that adhere to our client's high-quality standards. Download our free demo for the Microchip PIC®MCU C compiler!

For Technical Support, please visit www.ccsinfo.com/support, contact support@ccsinfo.com, or call 262-522-6500 ext 72. For FAE Support visit www.ccsinfo.com/fae.

Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: + 381 11 78 57 600
Fax: +381 11 63 09 644

MikroElektronika produces a wide range of development tools, compilers and books for PIC microcontroller families. Its first class products are delivered with complete hardware and software solutions including printed manuals. mikroElektronika has carefully created complete development solutions that suite your needs, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced user. Our compilers (mikroBasic PRO for PIC, mikroPascal PRO for PIC, and mikroC PRO for PIC) offer a wealth of libraries, which simplify the initialization and use of PIC microcontrollers and peripherals. Also our development solutions have plenty of practical examples and comprehensive documentation.

For Technical Support, please call + 381 11 78 57 628

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America
Phone: 612-237-5628

Open Source Hardware design and embedded system consulting, specializing in Microchip PIC, motion/motor control, and industrial controller designs. From requirements gathering and systems architecture through board design, fabrication, and firmware, Schmalz Haus can help realize all of your embedded-systems needs.

For technical support, please visit the Fubarino section at chipkit.net/forum.

Burlingame, California, United States of America
Phone: 877-244-4156

Tag-Connect specializes in Product Development, In-Circuit Plug-of-Nails™ Programming Cables, and Programming / Debugging Equipment.

For Technical Support visit www.tag-connect.com/contact or contact support@tag-connect.com.

Edmonds, Washington, United States of America
Phone: +1 425 245 8247

wolfSSL’s flagship product CyaSSL is designed to be portable, fast, thrifty and secure IOT devices.  wolfSSL is a premier technology and service provider to help IOT Developers get to market quickly and with confidence that their products meet the demands of today’s IOT requirements.

For Technical Support, please contact http://wolfssl.com/yaSSL/Contact.html or email support@wolfssl.com.

Recognized Third-Party Tool Providers

A M Bromley Limited

Buxton, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1298 77166
Fax: +44 1298 77166

A M Bromley have been a Microchip Design Partner since 1998, in which time we have developed over 60 PIC-based products. We provide a comprehensive analogue and digital electronic design and software development service. We are familiar with 8-bit MCU (PIC12, PIC16) and 16-bit MCU (PIC24, PIC30), programming in assembly or C using a variety of compilers. Applications have included automotive, home appliance, building management, LED lighting, pool heating, industrial and medical. Our experience includes: low power RF communication, mains powered circuits, mains switching, low power long battery life, RS232, RS485, I2C, SPI, LCD drivers, custom LCD design, precision temperature measurement and motor control.

Adeptte Microsystems Private Limited

Chennai, India
Phone: +91-44-42106635

Adeptte Microsystems offers embedded technologies and customized solutions that cater to the needs of the multimedia and streaming applications enriched world.

  • Stevod is a flagship product that defines innovation in monitoring and control related applications, by providing live data acquisition and automated control from the centralized control centre. Stevod is based on the PIC32MX695 microcontroller.
  • USB Secure Box is a custom-built product. This product deploys the PIC32MX4 series of microcontrollers and USB Bridge USB-2250.
  • Under services, Adeptte has delivered several audio and voice codec software on dsPIC33F, dsPIC33E DSCs and PIC32 MCU platforms.


Viroflay, France
Phone: (33) 1 4709 3051

ALCIOM is a consulting and design house based in France and specialized in optimized mixed signal designs, from low cost wireless devices to ultra-high speed signal acquisition and processing systems. As Microchip Platinum design partners and certified Microchip Wireless design center, our expertise includes ultra-low power systems, RF (including ISM, embedded Wifi, Zigbee, 802.15.4, Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS, etc), microwaves architectures, signal conditionning and acquisition, digital signal processing, etc. We offer either consultancy services or turn-key project development. Servicing more than 100 customers worldwide, ALCIOM is managed by Robert Lacoste, contributing editor to the Circuit Cellar journal.

Bartek Technologies

Milford, New Hampshire, United States of America
Phone: 603-672-5011
Fax: 603-672-5044

Bartek Technologies is a product development consulting company specializing in hardware and embedded system design. We also offer other products for prototype circuit development to support various Microchip development boards. We also develop and sell low cost ESD generators for basic troubleshooting.

For Technical Support, please contact carlos@bartek.com.

Bluefruit Software

Redruth, Cornwall, United Kingdom
Phone: 03335 777 111

Bluefruit Software is a world leader in embedded software, a technology that is built in to all digital electronics. Founded in 2000, our Cornish-based team has been steadily growing and we now have 20 talented, multi-skilled engineers on board consistently delivering 100% project success rates in a variety of sectors, including medical/scientific, industrial controls, defence/military and more. We are known for our rigorous testing and quality control processes, and are the preferred embedded software provider of a number of blue-chip organisations. Our Agile development means we are flexible and collaborative, with our clients receiving software releases every 2 weeks.

Displaytech (a SEACOMP company)

Carlsbad, California, United States of America
Phone: 760-918-6722
Fax: 760-650-7211

Displaytech is a design partner and manufacturer of liquid crystal display based products for consumer, industrial and medical applications. Displaytech is a provider of high quality color TFT displays and monochrome LCD modules as well as a manufacturer of value added assembly and turnkey products for various industries including home automation, consumer products, industrial controls, test & measurement, rack mount equipment and many others.

Embed Inc

Littleton, United States of America
Phone: (978) 742-9014

Embed Inc is primarily a consulting company performing electrical, firmware, and software engineering of embedded systems, specializing in Microchip PIC microcontrollers and the circuits around them.  We have worked on well over 100 projects containing Microchip PICs and dsPICs. Embed also makes some physical products, which are mostly aids for developing, testing, and using small embedded systems. Some of these products are available on MicrochipDirect, but for the full product line, see http://www.embedinc.com/products.

For Technical support, please call (978) 742-9014.

Jeffrey Kerr, LLC

Berkeley, United States of America
Phone: (510) 524-2374

Brush, brushless and stepper motor control

Lynxar Technologies

Sassuolo, Italy
Phone: +39-0536-840586

Lynxar Technologies is a global, independent, high-tech company, leader in semiconductor device in-system programming for the electronic boards manufacturing industry. Lynxar is setting a new semiconductor device programming standard for the years ahead. DeviceClip, Lynxar flagship product, is currently the market's fastest, most advanced, reliable and easy-to-use ISP platform for the support of every type of Flash-based device.

Modtronix Engineering

Sydney, Australia
Phone: +61 (0)405 353466

Our product offering includes:

  • Single Board Computer and Automation products (many using Microchip microcontrollers)
  • Custom hardware and software projects
  • A focus on network accessible hardware, with monitoring and control via internet and wireless protocols

Nurve Networks

Austin, Texas, United States of America
Phone: 512-266-2399

Nurve networks LLC was founded in 2001 to develop embedded systems for industrial, educational, gaming, and medical applications. We have developed products ranging from wireless communications, toys, and gaming systems to medical imaging devices and development boards for large and small companies alike.

Our core interest is developing exciting products for clients and helping them not only with the engineering and development, but with the complexities of manufacturing locally in the USA or abroad. Many of our customers use our off shore manufacturing in China and Hong Kong to reduce costs considerable and turn a non-viable business model into a profitable one! We specialize in designing embedded systems from simple controllers to complete computer systems. We can take your specification or idea and develop a complete product including electrical design, PCB, firmware, software, prototype, test suite, documentation and manufacturing plan.

For Technical Support please contact support@nurve.net.


An open source family of programmable and interchangeable system on modules with connectivity for IoT/M2M. Our modules run your application and connect to the Cloud (Wi-Fi or GPRS or Ethernet) or may be directly interfaced to a smartphone. No need for a microcontroller on your carrier board. The free IDE, Tutorials and Libraries (HTTP, MQTT and others) will speed up your time to market by 6 months.

Pitchfork Solutions, LLC

Keymar, South Australia, United States of America
Phone: 410-775-1325

Design, prototype and production of solutions addressing specific needs. The areas of specialty include scientific instrumentation, process control and monitoring, and communications.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Phone: 412-455-5800
Fax: 412-517-8846

Powercast Corporation, a productization partner, specializes in energy harvesting battery-free products along with products designed to operate for up to 25 years on a single primary battery. Powercast's core expertise is in RF, antennas, ultra-low power hardware design, and embedded firmware. We partner with companies to provide design and manufacturing support on innovative products. The company brings over ten years of design experience and access to a high volume manufacturing partner who is setup to competitively produce on million piece opportunities.

Radios, Inc.

Sanford, Florida, United States of America
Phone: 321-275-5577 (301)

Radios, Inc. is a privately held Florida corporation. Radios, Inc. was created to meet the rapidly increasing demand for turn-key wireless solutions and designs. Radios, Inc. handles national and international marketing and sales for a variety of wireless products including, but not limited to, RF modules, development systems, reference designs, programming tools, and RF courses. Our technicians and engineers are available to provide support and testing services for all products sold by Radios, Inc., and also to assist customers interested in designing and manufacturing custom and standard RF applications. The close relationship Radios, Inc. has with its mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing affiliates enables us to offer our customers some of the most competitive prices in the industry, along with superior technical assistance.

RF Laboratories, Inc.

Sorrento, Florida, United States of America
Phone: 920-564-2700 (301)

RF Laboratories, Inc. is a full-service engineering consulting firm. We specialize in wireless hardware and software design and development, converting your needs into quality products you can depend on. We work on projects that range from minor design changes or analyses, to complete turn-key new product developments. Our designs are highly reliable and clearly documented. To provide you with thorough, fast, and cost effective engineering design services, we employ a comprehensive group of professionals. Over the years, we have established close ties with various engineering professionals --- people with 15, 20, 25 years and more of experience, and successful track records. Their talents coupled with ours enable our firm to take your product from concept to tested, ready-to-ship units. These highly skilled professionals are available to us should special needs arise during the course of your project. The result is that you benefit from the technical breadth and expertise found in much larger engineering consulting houses, but at a considerable savings for you and your company.

Round Solutions GmbH & CO KG

Neu-Isenburg, Germany
Phone: +49 6102 799 280
Fax: +49 6102 799 28199

Since 2002 Round Solutions develops hardware, offers design services and provides customers with component solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. The company's modules, antennas and design-in services improve the value-creation processes for customers of all sizes and industries. Round Solutions creates the necessary technological preconditions for developing new IoT-based business models - such as for applications within verticals like wearables, tracking, medical devices, security, meter reading and industry 4.0.

For technical support, please visit roundsolutions.biz/en/support/, email ts@roundsolutions.com or call +49 6102 799 280.

RoweBots Limited

Waterloo, Canada
Phone: 519-208-0189
Fax: 519 208 4953

RoweBots has 24 years of experience in embedded operating systems and POSIX compliant systems. RoweBots offers the Unison RTOS, a fully POSIX compliant, Linux compatible, tiny real-time and modular OS along with complete design services for PIC24, dsPIC and PIC32 MCUs. The ulta modular construction of the POSIX RTOS or ultra tiny embedded Linux compatible offerings make the entire system very small while also making it easier to understand. The modularity means any new service can be easily added and integrated without affecting other services. It minimizes testing and really makes the environment simple to expand or contract. The ultra tiny embedded Linux or POSIX RTOS approach taken to maximize modularity creates unprecedented simplicity at least and order of magnitude simpler than embedded Linux.

RoweBots offers full product consulting services.  From requirements specification through software and hardware development to final hardware delivery designed for manufacture, RoweBots fully supports its customers. 

Sequitur Labs

Fall City, Washington, United States of America
Phone: (425) 654-2048

Sequitur Labs develops seminal technologies to improve trust in a connected world and reduce the cost and complexity to build secure embedded and IoT devices. Sequitur’s products span a range of disciplines required for trusted computing, from boot through the full device life-cycle. Sequitur’s IoT Security Suite for SAMA5D2 provides real business value to device makers, such as lowering development costs by simplifying use of hardware security components, protecting revenue by thwarting IP theft, and reducing liability by assuring product integrity through its entire life-cycle.

STEPTRONIC / Electronicsteps

Electronicsteps provides interface boards and development kits with a variety of innovative technologies that will help customers in their product development. We also offer consultancy services and turn-key projects. Our design skills cover the entire development process including system design, prototype, and production. As Microchip design partners, we are specialized in hardware and firmware development using most of the Microchip product portfolio. Our technology expertise includes biometric fingerprint systems, Android accessories, internet of things and remote telemetry using embedded WiFi and 3G/GPRS/GSM.

For Technical Support, please contact support@electronicsteps.com

ZETA Electronic Design, Inc.

Hooksett, New Hampshire, United States of America
Phone: 603-644-3239
Fax: 603-644-3413

ZETA is a consulting group specializing in designing and developing microcontroller based products. We have many designs currently in production, from the multiple motor drive system used in the Segway and Ibot, to the multiple processor control boards used in the Talon Robots for Qinetiq North America. ZETA’s engineering design service is a one stop shop, providing comprehensive range of services right from concept to manufacturing, product data management, engineering software customization, and electronic design services to various industries such as automotive, consumer appliances, medical electronics, industrial automation, and military defense. Our expertise lies in applying state-of-the-art technology combined with a real-world understanding of engineering and manufacturing processes to ensure manufacturability, drive down costs, and reduce time to market.