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Breadware, Inc.

Breadware Inc. is a leader in providing full end-to-end IoT solutions for rapid-built electronics. We have created a unique IoT prototyping kit that will allow you to build and configure an MVP prototype in minutes. Our Mega B prototyping kit includes the hardware to create many different IoT prototypes and when connected to our online Breadware Tools, allows you to create and load the firmware, connect to cloud services and create a mobile app at a fraction of the normal time and cost. We also offer enterprise level rapid PCB development to take you from IoT concept to production.

Reno, Nevada, United States of America
Phone: 800-915-1098


Breadware Mega-b IoT Development Kit


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The Mega-B Development Kit is a Bluetooth LE 4.2 prototyping kit for quickly building and testing your IoT concept. All modules are plug-n-play, allowing for flexible prototyping. The kit can be programmed through our online platform, Breadware IDE, or with the Arduino IDE. You can leverage design templates, write device firmware using our “hardware-object-oriented programming language,” build test mobile applications, configure web dashboards for the device, and utilize webhooks to stream data.


  • Microchip RN4871 BLE module
  • Atmel ATmega 2560 Microcontroller
  • 8-bit, 16 MHz processor
  • 8Kbytes RAM, 256KBytes FLASH
  • USB 2.0B or Barrel Jack
  • FCC/CE certified
  • Mega-B Bread™Board
  • Arduino Mega
  • USB 2.0A to 2.0B programming cable
  • 13 Breadware Modules

Breadware is a trusted third-party tool provider.