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Schmalz Haus LLC

Open Source Hardware design and embedded system consulting, specializing in Microchip PIC, motion/motor control, and industrial controller designs. From requirements gathering and systems architecture through board design, fabrication, and firmware, Schmalz Haus can help realize all of your embedded-systems needs.

For technical support, please visit the Fubarino section at chipkit.net/forum.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America
Phone: 612-237-5628


chipKIT Fubarino Mini Development Board


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The chipKIT Fubarino® Mini is a prototyping-friendly platform for developing Arduino compatible 32-bit applications. Compact size (5.1 cm x 1.9 cm) and low cost allow the Mini to fit almost anywhere. Includes USB bootloader that works with the chipKIT/MPIDE platform. Connect directly to your application using solder pads, or add the male expansion headers and plug into a breadboard. Features include:

  • PIC32MX250F128D with 128K Flash, 32K RAM @ 48 MHz
  • Up to 33 Digital IO (normally 27 are available)
  • Includes headers for easy mounting on a breadboard
  • Supports Peripheral Pin Select (demo code available)
  • Includes pads for 32 KHz crystal
  • ICSP header for optional programmer/debugger
  • Can be powered through USB, or 2.8V to 13V DC input power
  • USB cable included
Fubar Labs and Schmalz Haus LLC are trusted 3rd Party Tool providers