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MPLAB X IDE Plug-ins


Part Number: Atmel START

START is an innovative online tool for intuitive, graphical configuration of embedded software projects. It lets you select and configure software components, drivers and middleware, as well as complete example projects, specifically tailored to the needs of your application. The configuration stage lets you review dependencies between software components, conflicts and hardware constraints. In the case of a conflict, START will automatically suggest solutions that fit you specific setup.

With graphical pin-mux and clock configuration, you can easily match your software and drivers with your own HW layout. The tool also provides automated assistance for retargeting projects and applications for different devices. Getting that sample code to run on your board has never been easier.

START is an online tool; no installation is required. When you are done with your configuration, you can download it for use together with your prefered integrated development environment (IDE), including Studio, Keil or IAR, and continue development. If you later need to change the configuration you can load it in START, reconfigure and continue where you left off.

START is based on the latest generation of the Software Framework, ASFv4. The driver layer in ASFv4 has been rearchitected for better performance and reduced code size. Care has been taken to make sure that code generated by START is readable, as well as easy to navigate and extend. Please refer to the user guide to learn more about whats new in ASFv4.

Start designing with START

Ever wanted to debug a target from another room, or even another country? Now you can. The MPLAB® X IDE Remote USB Debugging plug-in enables all of Microchip’s debugging tools (MPLAB® REAL ICE, MPLAB® ICD 3 and PICkit™ 3) to be used from a remote, Ethernet-connected location. Set up is simple -- connect your debug tool to your remote system (which must have wired or wireless Ethernet), run the MPLAB remote server, enable a remote connection through the plugin menu on your host laptop or PC that is running MPLAB X IDE, and go.

The MPLAB® Communications Library must be installed on the remote machine with which the MPLAB® X IDE on the host machine will be communicating. Once the plug-in is installed, see the MPLAB X IDE Help menu, Help Contents, for additional documentation. A trial version of this plugin can be found at Embedded Code Source.

Note: This plug-in requires MPLAB X IDE version 3.40 and later.