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Multimedia Expansion Board

Part Number: DM320005

Status: No Longer Available


This product is no longer available for sale. See alternative: DM320005-5

The Multimedia Expansion Board (MEB) provides PIC32

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Documents and Software

Product Features

    • 3.2 inch (8.1 cm) QVGA touch screen display with backlight 
    • Five user-controlled LEDs
    • Four-way joystick (S2)
    • Fire button (S1)
    • Headphone jack
    • Line output jack
    • Microphone input jack
    • Power LED
    • PICtail™ compatible expansion connector
    • Solomon Systech Graphics Controller (SSD1926)
    • microSD card slot.
    • Regulated 3.3V and 1.8V power supply for powering the board via a starter kit or 9-14V power supply
    • Accelerometer and temperature sensor (BMA150)
    • 24LC08 EEPROM.
    • SPI Flash (SST25VF016)
    • 24-bit audio codec (WM8731)
    • CPLD for SPI and Chip Select configuration
    • Starter kit connector
    • Integrated 802.11 wireless connectivity


This product is no longer available for sale. See alternative: DM320005-5

The Multimedia Expansion Board (MEB) provides PIC32 Starter Kit,dsPIC33E USB Starter Kit or PIC24E USB Starter Kit users with an integrated-yet flexible-solution for the development of high-impact user interfaces. The board comes with a 3.2 color TFT touch-screen QVGA display, an onboard FCC-certified W-iFi® module, a 24-bit stereo audio code, a three-axis accelerometer, a joystick and a microSD®®™ memory card slot. Simply connect any DM320001, DM320003-2, DM320004, DM330012 and DM240012 Starter Kit to the MEB and you're ready to develop, program and debug code for the user interface features. Demo software for the MEB can be downloaded using the links below and is also contained within the Microchip Application Library, including software for the joystick, accelerometer, CPLD and more.

  • Attach any PIC32, dsPIC33E or PIC24E Starter Kit (required)
  • Power via USB through the starter kit, or external 9V supply
  • Fast High Color Images
  • Localized Fonts
  • Visual Prompts and buttons
  • 24-bit Stereo Audio
  • Speex Voice Playback
  • MP3 Music
  • Touch Screen Buttons
  • 8 position Joystick with Fire button
  • 3 Axis Orientation / Acceleration
  • FCC Certified Wi-Fi™
  • 10/100 Ethernet via PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit

Package Contents

  • Multimedia Expansion Board(MEB)
  • Information Sheet with links to get started directing users to web based instructions for software download and installation.
Note that no software is provided in the box.