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OS81110 cPhy Evaluation Board

Part Number: B10440


A complete MOST150 Network device, utilizing the OS81110 Intelligent Network Interface Controller (INIC) and the OS82150 MOST150 Coaxial Transceiver. An on-board PIC32MX795 External Host Controller (EHC) is available for execution of custom/example applications. An integrated OS85650 I/O Companion Chip (IOC) provides I/O port expansion for additional application flexibility. The OS81110 cPhy Board also supports power management, controlled by the MPM85000 Automotive Power management Device (PwrMgr), a MOST specification compliant power management device. View More

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Product Features

    • Features:
      • Integrated Intelligent Network Interface Controller (INIC)
      • Integrated MOST150 Coaxial Transceiver for Coaxial Physical Layer (cPHY) interface to a MOST150 Network
      • Integrated I/O Companion Chip (IOC), including DTCP coprocessor
      • Integrated PIC32 External Host Controller (EHC)
      • Feature set expansion via Daughter Board and Auxiliary connectors supporting additional application options (e.g. video sourcing/sinking and low frequency signal tunneling)
      • Stereo audio capabilities (via INIC or IOC Streaming Port)
      • Automotive Grade Power Supply
      • MOST specification compliant power management capabilities
    • Package Contents:Â OS81110 cPhy Evaluation Board


Hardware, Software
Complete MOST150 Network device utilizing OS81110