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MOST150 C-O Converter Simplex

Part Number: B10410


In order to use existing optical MOST150 tools/devices also in systems that are based on a coax electrical physical layer (cPHY), the MOST150 C-O Converter can be integrated into the coaxial network. The optical MOST150 tools/devices can then be connected to the optical interface of the MOST150 C-O Converter using the delivered optical MOST cable. The MOST150 C-O Converter indicates both ‘power is connected’ and ‘MOST signal is detected’. The MOST150 C-O Converter is available in two flavours - a simplex variant and a duplex variant. The simplex variant is suitable for simplex cPHY networks, the duplex variant can be used in duplex cPHY networks. As it is equipped with one coax interface, the latter supports the so called end-point use case (communication between one MOST150 coax duplex device and one MOST150 optical device/tool). Please consider that the MOST150 C-O Converter is not qualified for automotive applications. View More

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Product Features

    The following list covers the key features of the MOST150 C-O Converter:
    • Compact housing
    • Easy usage
    • Multiple hardware variants available
    • Combined power supply possible for MOST150 C-O Converter and OptoLyzer OL3150o or MOST150 C-O Converter and OptoLyzer MOCCA compact
    • Indication of power detection for both connectors (optical and coaxial)
    • Indication of MOST signal detection for both connectors (optical and coaxial)


Connect Optical Devices to MOST150 COAX Electrical Physical Layer (cPHY) Networks

Typical use cases for the MOST150 C-O Converter are validation, testing, and verification in a controlled environment like a laboratory.