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MPLAB X IDE Plug-ins

Ever wanted to debug a target from another room, or even another country? Now you can. The MPLAB® X IDE Remote USB Debugging plug-in enables all of Microchip’s debugging tools (MPLAB® REAL ICE, MPLAB® ICD 3 and PICkit™ 3) to be used from a remote, Ethernet-connected location. Set up is simple -- connect your debug tool to your remote system (which must have wired or wireless Ethernet), run the MPLAB remote server, enable a remote connection through the plugin menu on your host laptop or PC that is running MPLAB X IDE, and go.

The MPLAB® Communications Library must be installed on the remote machine with which the MPLAB® X IDE on the host machine will be communicating. Once the plug-in is installed, see the MPLAB X IDE Help menu, Help Contents, for additional documentation. A trial version of this plugin can be found at Embedded Code Source.

Note: This plug-in requires MPLAB X IDE version 3.40 and later.