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From Sensor to Cloud. The DM990101 IoT Ethernet Monitoring kit powered by Medium One (Software-as-a-Service) offers an all-in-one IoT package. To address Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) projects, the Ethernet technology becomes the most reliable and stable connectivity. This IoT kit uses an Ethernet LAN8740A and comes pre-loaded with Medium One cloud service, mobile application (from Saritasa) as well as corresponding Microchip firmware. The firmware in the kit makes use of MPLAB®Harmony, FreeRTOS™, and WolfMQTT allowing you to quick-start your IoT design. The Ethernet port is controlled by a 32-bit micro-controller that benefits from a 2MB Flash of the PIC32MZ EF providing plenty of memory space for your application code.
The security is addressed using WolfSSL features. The kit communicates with the Medium One cloud over MQTT with TLS security, using both publish and subscribe topics. The mobile app communicates with the Medium One cloud via REST over HTTPS.
The DM990101 comes with pre-configured code to support 4 sensors : pressure, temperature/humidity, air quality and motion. In addition, hundreds of other different sensors can be plugged into the MikroElektronka mikroBUS™ footprint allowing for prototyping a large variety of IoT proof-of-concepts. Sensors needs to be purchased separately on MikroElectronika.