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3rd Party Bluetooth Module Partners

Save money and get to market faster by purchasing Bluetooth modules from Microchip’s 3rd party module partners.

Microchip has partnered with module makers that offer fully-certified modules based on Microchip’s Bluetooth technology. No need to be an RF expert or figure out how to navigate the costly and time-consuming certification process. Purchase fully-certified modules from any of our qualified 3rd party module suppliers and save both time and money.

Click on the logos below to see Microchip’s Bluetooth solutions from our trusted 3rd party module maker partners.

Module Side by Side
Freewing Logo
Why Select Freewings
  • Strong Bluetooth and Wi-Fi development capability: Over 10 years of experience on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module designs with over 60 engineers
  • High quality standards to meet car factory requirements
  • Technology direct from mainstream wireless chipset companies
  • Total solution from module to PCBA design (including EE & SW & AE) and manufacturing
  • Well integrated with technology development & marketing research
Rayson Logo
Why Select Rayson
  • Over 10 years of experience in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ODM and OEM with 60 engineers.
  • Has 15 SMT lines and a factory that is IS09001, IS014001, and TS16949 certified
  • Strong R&D capability in both hardware and software custom services
  • Strong partnership with large international customers in Bluetooth Audio, Bluetooth Data and Wi-Fi IoT markets
  • Design centers in Taiwan and Shenzhen, China

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