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eXtreme Low Power with XLP Technology

  • Sleep currents down to 20 nA; Real-Time Clock down to 400 nA extends operation in outage conditions
  • Wake-up sources including Real-Time Clock (RTC), Timer (WDT), Brown-out Reset (BOR), Interrupts, Reset,
    or Power-on Reset (POR)

Efficient Processing Architecture Lowers Active Current

  • Reduce power consumption with shorter run times
  • Over 88% of PIC24 instructions are single cycle
  • As low as 150 uA/MHz run power on the 16-bit
    PIC24 MCU family
  • DMA transfers across peripherals to reduce power

Integrated Precision Time Measurement

  • Constant current source to calculate both capacitance and time changes
  • CTMU time measurement capabilities down to 500pSec resolution
  • Precision temperature measurements using inexpensive diodes, resistive temperature device (RTD), PTC, and NTC sensors

Integrated Real-Time Clock and Calendar (RTCC)

  • Integrated Real-Time-Clock and Calendar (RTCC)
  • Full calendar and time with Leap Year adjustment
  • Built-in RTCCAL register for Watch Crystal calibration

LCD Integration

  • Up to 480 Segments
  • Drive display in Sleep Mode
  • Integrated Charge Pump available for contrast control
Tabs / Utility Metering Solutions
Reference Designs

Utility Metering

Title Part Number Devices Supported
MCP6L02 & PIC18F65J90 1-Phase Energy Meter ARD00370 MCP6L02, MCP1754S, MCP1703, MCP2200, 24FC256, PIC18F65J90
MCP3911 & PIC18F85K90 1-Phase Energy Meter ARD00385 MCP3911, MCP1703, MCP2200, MCP6001, PIC18F85K90
MCP39F521 Power Meter ADM00686 MCP39F521, MCP1754S, MCP2221, MCP9700
MCP39F511 Power Meter ADM00667 MCP39F511, MCP2221, MCP6021, MCP9700
MCP39F11N Power Meter ADM00706 MCP39F511N, MCP1754S, MCP2221
MCP39F501 Power Meter ARD00455 MCP39F501, MCP1754S, MCP2200, MCP9700
MCP3905A Energy Meter MCP3905RD-PM1 MCP3905A, MCP3906A

Metering Video Channel