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Microcontrollers Technology

eXtreme Low Power with XLP Technology

  • Sleep currents down to 20 nA; Real-Time Clock down to 400 nA extends operation in outage conditions
  • Wake-up sources including Real-Time Clock (RTC), Timer (WDT), Brown-out Reset (BOR), Interrupts, Reset,
    or Power-on Reset (POR)

Efficient Processing Architecture Lowers Active Current

  • Reduce power consumption with shorter run times
  • Over 88% of PIC24 instructions are single cycle
  • As low as 150 uA/MHz run power on the 16-bit PIC24 MCU family
  • DMA transfers across peripherals to reduce power

Integrated Precision Time Measurement

  • Constant current source to calculate both capacitance and time changes
  • CTMU time measurement capabilities down to 500pSec resolution
  • Precision temperature measurements using inexpensive diodes, resistive temperature device (RTD), PTC, and NTC sensors

Integrated Real-Time-Clock and Calendar (RTCC)

  • Integrated Real-Time-Clock and Calendar (RTCC)
  • Full calendar and time with Leap Year adjustment
  • Built-in RTCCAL register for Watch Crystal calibration

LCD Integration

  • Up to 480 Segments
  • Drive display in Sleep Mode
  • Integrated Charge Pump available for contrast control

Metering Video Channel