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Poly Phase (Shunt)

FunctionProduct Family
MicrocontrollerPIC24F (16-bit)
PIC24E (16-bit)
PIC32 (32-bit)
Low-power RTCCMCP794X (I²C)
Wireless RadiosMRF24J40 (802.15.4)


  • 2-wire serial interface to reduce isolation requirements
  • High accuracy 2 Channel 24-bit ADC capable of 94.5 dB SINAD and -106.5 dB THD
  • eXtreme Low Power MCUs with integrated LCD driver
  • Sub-GHz and 2.4 GHz radio options for AMR uses
  • Internal and external RTCC options draw 400-700nA current
  • Serial Flash and EEPROM for datalogging and calibration

Metering Video Channel