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Fan Controller ICs

If your embedded design includes one or more fans, we offer a variety of fan controller ICs that will simplify your development and accelerate your time to market.

For embedded computing and PC applications, our integrated fan controllers offer built-in temperature sensors and look-up tables for setting the fan speed (PWM duty cycle) according to the measured temperature. If your system incorporates multiple fans, we offer fan speed PWM controllers that include PID closed-loop control to better maintain fan set points through the entire life of the fan. They include algorithms for spin-up and ramp-rate control, making them a good fit for networking, mass storage and server applications.

We also offer open-loop PWM fan controllers that use temperature-proportional fan speed control, making them well suited for telecommunications applications. They feature our FanSense technology to protect against fan and system failure, increase system reliability and eliminate the need for three-wire fans.

Featured Devices


RPM-based PWM Fan Controller for One Fan

  • One PWM fan driver
  • Closed-loop or direct I2C drive
  • 0.5% Tach accuracy
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Multiple RPM-Based PWM Fan Controller for Five Fans

  • Five PWM fan drivers
  • Closed-loop or direct I2C drive
  • Spin-up and ramp-rate control
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Dual RPM-Based PWM Fan Controller with Hardware Thermal Shutdown

  • Two PWM fan drivers
  • Five temperature monitoring channels
  • Look-up table for eight PWM-to-temperature settings
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