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Stepper and Brushed DC Motor Drivers

Microchip offers dual full-bridge motor drivers to drive bipolar stepper motors or bidirectional control of two DC motors. The wide operating voltage range and easy to design with microcontrollers (MCU) allow customer to quickly adopt them into applications, such as security camera, ticketing system, home appliances, etc.

Microchip also offers full-bridge motor gate drivers to drive brushed DC motors in automotive body and powertrain applications.

Key Features of Stepper Motor Driver Family

  • Load voltage supply range: 10V to 40V
  • Output current up to 750 mA (each bridge)
  • Internal fixed Toff time PWM current control
  • Built-in protection diodes
  • Internal thermal shutdown
  • Under-voltage lockout
  • LS-TTL compatible logic inputs with pull-up resistors
  • Low RON output resistance
  • Low quiescent current

Key Features of H-Bridge Motor Gate Driver Family

  • PWM and direction controlled driving of four externally powered NMOS transistors
  • Programmable dead time for avoiding cross conduction during switching
  • Integrated Charge Pump to provide gate voltages for high-side drivers to supply the gate of the external battery reverse protection NMOS
  • 5V / 3.3V regulator and current limitation function
  • Sleep mode with a supply current of typically <45µA
  • Programmable window watchdog
  • Battery overvoltage protection and under voltage management
  • Overtemperature warning and protection
  • LIN 2.1 compliant