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System Supervisors and Voltage Detectors

System supervisors and voltage detectors monitor system voltages to eliminate problems during operation. On power-down, the supervisor monitors the power supply voltage and resets the system if the voltage falls below a predetermined level. On power-up, the supervisor holds the system in reset until the voltage has stabilized.

  • Monitors systems without a MCU, for example FPGAs, PLDs and power supplies
  • Can reset all or part of a system
  • Localized shutdown makes system faster and less susceptible to noise
  • Meets system safety regulations requiring external fail safe
  • More customizable and accurate voltage trip points and reset output delay
  • Supervisor options with manual resets and watchdog timers simplify firmware, add reliability and are very easy to implement

Key Features

  • Watchdog Timer
    • Signal required from within MCU (WDI) tWD or RST driven low
    • Designed to detect faulty program execution
  • Voltage trip point
    • Standard trip voltages available on all devices
    • Custom trip voltages available on some devices
  • Reset Delay
    • Different available options for a reset delay
    • Some devices have custom options available
  • WDT Period
    • Devices with watchdog timers have different tWD (period)
  • Low power (Typ < 1uA)
    • Typically used in battery applications
    • Power sensitive with same reliability of a supervisor
  • Output type
    • Push-pull or open-drain
    • Active low or high
    • Internal or external pull-up resistor (open-drain only)
  • Fast and accurate analog circuit simulations to help accelerate your hardware designs.
  • Choose from SPICE or piecewise linear SIMPLIS models, for accurate results in fast simulations
  • Downloadable simulation tool runs locally on your own PC without requiring an internet connection