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Multi-Output Voltage Regulators

Multi-Output Regulators are used to regulate voltage and control power for multiple point of loads (POL) and where power sequencing is critical. The multi-channel architecture may include mix of voltage regulators and load dropout regulator for cost constraint applications or multiple buck regulators for applications that require highest power efficiency.

Featured Products

Power management integrated circuit (PMIC) solution to support microprocessors (MPU) such as the SAM5 and SAM9 that requires 3 point of load regulation, cost sensitive and only needs up to 5 Watts of output power, the MIC2800 is complete low solution to power the MPU.
For FPGA power management applications that need up to 30W 3 to 5 point of load regulation, power sequencing, and very accurate the voltage regulation, the MIC7401 is highly integrated solution with programmability to support custom configuration all in a 4.5mm x 4.5mm QFN package (including synchronous MOSFETS).