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Power Management

Switching Voltage Regulator ICs for Buck Voltage (Step Down)

Offered in wide range of input voltages to support every DC Bus application

A voltage regulator uses a switching element to transform the supply into an alternating current, which is then converted to a different voltage using capacitors, inductors, and other elements, then converted back to DC. Product portfolio offers wide range of input voltage and power levels to support your applications.


Input Voltage up to 6V

Excellent for battery powered applications and for 5V or 3.3V power bus systems

Input Voltage up to 6V

Input Voltage up to 36V

Ideal for industrial and enterprise applications, 12V and 24V power bus systems

Input Voltage up to 36V

Input Voltage up to 75V

Ideal for Industrial and automotive applications, 24V, 36V, and 48V power bus systems

Input Voltage up to 75V

Featured Products

Battery Operated Applications

The MIC23030 offers low Q current with very high efficiency at full load and light load conditions.

For Industrial and Enterprise applications that require single stage power conversion

The MIC24045 offers very efficiency, with fast transient response, high accuracy output voltage regulation with 5A output current capability. I2C bus allows dynamic voltage scaling and diagnostics control.

For Automotive application that require a wide input voltage range to handle high voltage transients

The MCP16331 offers very high power efficiency and output peak current up to 1.2A.