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DDR Termination Regulators

What are DDR Termination Regulators?

DDR termination regulators are an essential component to regulate power through DDR transmission lines. DDR Termination Regulators achieve power conservation by rapidly dropping or increasing current so that the output termination voltage(VTT) would be half of the supply voltage(VDDQ). This results in reduced power dissipation and higher efficiency.

Why use DDR Termination Regulators?

DDR Termination regulators are necessary to save power while DDR memory is active. Today, DDR is becoming even faster and more effective in transferring data and this makes the systems powering the DDR memory more susceptible to frequent and inaccurate data transfer.  A good DDR Termination Regulator closely tracks supplied voltage and quickly sinks or sources current to maintain a regulated transmission of power. This ultimately leads to a more efficient double data rate memory and an indispensable power solution for a variety of mobile and home devices.

Microchip’s DDR Termination Regulators

Microchip Technology manufactures a focused and effective line of DDR Termination regulators. Microchip’s DDR Termination Regulators feature low output impedance, very high bandwidth, quick transient response time, and high output voltage accuracy. Microchip’s DDR Termination solutions are ideal choices for achieving accurate and high-speed bus termination.

  • Output Current range from 0.75A to 2.6A
  • Power Good Option
  • Very accurate VTT as high as ±5mV
  • Available MSOP-10 and DFN packages
  • High speed bus termination

Microchip DDR Termination Regulator Products:


The MIC5162 is a dual regulator controller designed for high speed bus termination. Provides a universal solution for bus termination regardless of input voltage, output voltage, or load current.

  • Tracking programmable output
  • Wide bandwidth
  • Logic controlled enable input
  • Tiny MSOP-10 package


The MIC5163 is a dual regulator controller designed for low voltage memory termination. The MIC5163 can operate from an input voltage as low as 0.75V.

  • 0.75 to 6V input supply voltage
  • Memory termination for DDR3, GDDR3/4/5
  • Tiny MSOP-10 package


The MIC5164 is a dual regulator controller designed for high speed bus termination. It offers a low cost JEDEC-compliant solution for terminating high speed, low voltage digital buses with a Power Good (PG) signal.

  • DDR, DDR2, DDR3 memory termination
  • Tiny MSOP-10 package


The MIC5165 is a JEDEC-compliant solution for terminating high speed, low voltage digital buses with a Power Good signal.

  • Input Voltage from 0.75V to 6V
  • MSOP-10 package
  • Tracking programmable output


The MIC5166 is a high speed, linear, low Vin DDR memory terminator that can source and sink up to 3A.

  • High output Voltage Accuracy
  • Power Good
  • Logic level enable input
  • 3x3 MLF package
  • High bandwidth with High Transient Response.


The MIC5167 is a highly efficient synchronous buck regulator designed for use as a DDR or QDDR terminator. The MIC5167 is optimized to achieve more than 94% efficiency while switching at 1MHz over a broad range.

  • Input voltage from 2.6V to 5.5V
  • Source and Sinks up to 6A
  • 100% Maximum duty cycle
  • Fully Integrated MOSFET Circuits

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