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Direct Drive for Segmented Displays

  • Supports direct LCD panel drive capability; no external components needed
  • Lower system cost
  • Generate different voltage levels through integrated voltage bias generation
  • Supports a range of fixed and variable bias options and variable clock inputs

Maximum Number of Segments

Featured Product FamiliesPins1 Common2 Commons3 Commons4 Commons8 Commons
ATSAML22100   176320
ATSAM4L100   160 

Software Contrast Control

  • Key feature using firmware to boost or dim the contrast of the display
  • Boost the contrast up to VDD or beyond using MCUs with an integrated charge pump
  • Vary the contrast on the LCD to account for different operating conditions such as temperature, lighting and humidity
  • Invaluable for portable applications especially when the battery level drops

picoPower® Technology

  • Ultra Low Power MCUs (490nA Backup with RTC, 39uA/MHz Active)
  • Faster wake-up times and on-the fly user selectable performance levels
  • Event System, SleepWalking Peripherals and multiple power domains
  • LCD with DMA and SleepWalking support

eXtreme Low Power Technology

  • Lowest power (sleep currents down to 20 nA, active mode currents down to 50 µA/MHz) — longest battery life
  • Sleep mode flexibility: RAM retention, fast wake up and flexible wake up sources
  • Brown-out Rest down to 45 nA — protection as batteries are depleted
  • Watchdog Timer down to 200 nA — provides protection against system failure
  • Real-Time Clock down to 400 nA — povides precise timekeeping
  • Drive glass in sleep mode, for reduced power consumption and longer battery life

Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC)

  • Supports low-power, high-sensitivity, robust touch buttons, sliders and wheels
  • Supports up to 256 mutual-cap channels and up to 32 self-cap channels
  • Low power consumption: 4 uA standby with multi-button wake-up on touch

CTMU (webinar)

  • Provides constant current source with a range from 0.550 µA to 550 µA
  • Used in applications like capacitive touch, time domain reflectometry, humidity measurement, precise time measurement, temperature measurement, and more.

RTCC (Real-Time Clock and Calendar)

Many PIC® MCUs come with an integrated RTCC for time keeping and calendar applications. RTCC can be calibrated and provides hours, minutes, and seconds using the 24-hour format. It also has highly configurable alarm and has the ability to wake up external devices without CPU intervention. The RTCC can run in deep sleep mode and is optimized for long term battery operation. LCD MCUs with integrated RTCC helps in reducing cost and development cycle, especially in applications which require display of time or day.


AY0438 is a CMOS integrated device that drives a LCD, usually under the control of a microprocessor. It can drive up to 32 segments and has a low power operation. It is cascadable, has an on chip oscillator and is compatible for both CMOS and TTL inputs. It can be used in applications such as industrial displays, consumer product displays, automotive dashboard displays.

Display A/D Converters

Microchip offers direct-display drive analog-to-digital converters, which have the following features; drives LCD or LED display directly, have low noise or stable display, guaranteed zero reading with zero input, convenient 9V battery operation and internal reference with low temperature drift.

MCUs with Integrated LCD Controller Product Family