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Switchtec™ PCIe® Switches Application and Design Resources

ChipLink Development Tool Accelerates Time-to-Market

If you are using multiple devices in from our portfolio of storage or switch solutions for your data center application, ChipLink makes it easy to configure, monitor and diagnose functions and test interoperability and performance between the devices in your system. This Java-based, multi-platform tool supports all phases of your development, from initial bring-up through ecosystem testing and final release to mass production.

Clocking Switchtec™ PCIe® Switches

Create flexible and powerful PCIe solutions by clocking our Switchtec PCIe switches with our suite of easy-to-configure PCIe Gen 1-5 multiple-output clock generators, buffers, crystals and MEMS oscillators.

Clocking Switchtec™ PCIe® Switches Block Diagram
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