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Lighting Controls

Irrespective of the specific lighting technology, the ability to effectively control the light source is essential. Beyond a simple on/off switch, advanced lighting control provides the opportunity to provide additional intelligence and increased energy savings.

The ability to dim any light source is the most common requirement of a light controller – but is a potential obstacle. Most legacy dimmers are simple triac dimmers that can vary the light output of an incandescent light source from 0 – 100%. In order to dim LED and fluorescent lighting, specialized methods such as varying PWM frequency or variable current is required.

A Microchip based solution can provide these capabilities and more…


Functions such as dimming and timers are common, but intelligent control provides the opportunity to provide improved user interfaces and value. Incremental energy savings can be provided by integrating elements such as energy management/harvesting (ie. solar), ambient light compensation (reducing light output based on other localized light sources), and occupancy or motion sensing.

With a Microchip based solution, these capabilities can be integrated into the luminaire ballast/driver, wall controller, or remotes.