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Communication & Networking

Further intelligence includes the ability to create lighting networks that communicate both locally, as well as to remote locations. This allows for the ability to increase aesthetics, energy savings and reduce maintenance with items such as fixed light output and color in large lighting arrays (ie. street lamps, large rooms, etc.), monitoring light output, and provide real-time operating issues.

Additionally, this provides the ability to integrate lighting into other technologies such as security systems or home automation. Aesthetically, lighting control offers the ability to support custom mood lighting by varying brightness, color, and color temperature.

A Microchip based solution can provide these capabilities and more…

With a Microchip based solution, custom topologies can be created that support multiple wired and wireless communication protocols. This gives the ability to create the appropriate solution for the specific application and installation environment.

Lighting Communication Protocols

Microchip solutions provide the versatility to support legacy lighting protocols as well as emerging protocols new to the lighting industry

Wired Protocols

  • DALI
  • DMX512
  • 0-10V
  • PLC
  • LIN
  • CAN


  • CAN
  • RS232/RS485
  • Ethernet
  • USB

Wireless – Transceivers and Modules

  • WiFi® 802.11 modules
  • ZigBee®, RF4CE, MiWi 802.15.4 modules
  • Stacks for PIC MCUs
  • Infrared/IrDA®

Beyond legacy lighting protocols, demand for next generation lighting communications is growing. Lighting designers are looking to take advantage of common communication standards, particularly PLC (Power Line Carrier), RF, LIN, CAN, and Ethernet. With a large existing infrastructure, these protocols are electrically robust and provide relatively inexpensive cabling and installation.