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Wireless Temperature Sensor

Have you ever wondered what the temperature was in your garage, attic, porch or anywhere in your home? A small, energy-efficient wireless temperature sensor enables the consumer to better understand their environment and adjust their environmental controls accordingly. This reference design can help kick-start your own connected home, smart appliances or smart energy designs.

The Wireless Temperature Sensor reference design is part of our Connected Home platform. At the heart of the design is a low-power nanoWatt XLP 16-bit PIC® Microcontroller, the PIC24F32KA302. The MCP9808 temperature sensor has an operation range from −40°C to +125°C. The temperature data is transmitted via the MRF89XAM8A/9A Sub-GHz wireless module. Two AA batteries provide power to the board.


Key Features

  • Low-power nanoWatt XLP 16-bit PIC microcontroller
    • 20 nA in sleep mode
    • 500 nA RTCC operation in sleep mode
  • Long battery life
  • −40°C to +125°C temperature range
    • ±0.25°C accuracy
    • 0.1 μA sleep current
  • RF Module Agency Certifications for Europe, US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand

Getting Started

Microchip Products

  • 16-bit MCU PIC24F32KA302
  • Sub-GHz module
    • Temperature sensor MCP9808
    • DC/DC converter MCP1640C

Available Reference Material

  • Circuit schematics
  • Gerber files (board layout)
  • Bill of materials

For information on the Connected Home Concentrator, please email appliance@microchip.com.

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