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Development Tools

A complete suite of tools is available to help get your design to market. Choose from low-cost starter kits, fully featured development boards, free MPLAB® X IDE and MPLAB XC Compilers as well as a range of debuggers.

Starter Kits

PIC32 Starter Kits are the fastest, easiest way to start development with 32-bit microcontrollers, while our PIC24 development board can help you jumpstart development of 16-bit MCU-based graphics applications.

Expansion & Development Boards

Expansion boards make prototyping fast. Connectors for all starter kits allow the additon of any PICtail™/PICtail Plus as well as Human Interface and Multimedia peripherals. ​

Xplained Evaluation Kits & Extension Kits

Xplained evaluation kits provide easy platform for developing on SAM products

  • MaXTouch Xplained Pro Extension kit
    • maXTouch Xplained Pro is an extension board in the Xplained Pro evaluation platform. The board enables the user to experiment with user interface applications with maXTouch and LCD. ​