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Embedded Graphics that Dazzle Your Customers

Wide range of MCU and MPU offerings for every budget and embedded performance level

Developers can create aesthetically pleasing designs with embedded Graphics HMIs with the help of Microchip’s broad portfolio of technologically advanced solutions in terms of both Hardware and Software.

Microchip offers easy and cost-effective embedded Graphics solutions:

  • Free tools for developing professional looking GUIs that match your branding needs
  • Get to market faster and easier by engaging with our expert third-party partners
  • Save time and money with widely available open-source solutions
  • Jumpstart your application development with easy-to-use example designs and demos
MPU Graphics High Performance MPU Graphics
  • Up to 600 MHz Cortex-A5 MPUs
  • TFT LCD Controller with Overlays
  • 720p Video Decoder
  • Compatible with widely-used tools and libraries
Integrated Graphics Controller Integrated Graphics Controller
  • 16- & 32-bit MCUs and MPUs with integrated LCD Controllers
  • Optional 2D GPUs and Integrated DRAM memory
  • Easy to use graphics tool suites
Integrated Graphics Controller Low-Cost Controllerless Graphics
  • 32-bit MCUs up to 415 DMIPS
  • Direct drive panels are easy to implement
  • Up to 512K integrated SRAM
  • Industry-leading free graphics tools
External Graphics Controller Dedicated External Controller
  • Easily add graphics to your current Microchip-based design
  • Drivers available for many popular controllers
  • Jumpstart your application with existing demos

Embedded Graphics Software Development Tools and Libraries

MPLAB Harmony Graphics Composer (MHGC)

Creating professional-looking embedded graphical user interfaces (GUI) on memory and cost-efficient microcontrollers (MCU) has never been easier than with the MPLAB Harmony Graphics Composer tools suite and libraries. See more here.

Third-party Embedded Graphics Support

Microchip has partnered with industry-leaders in embedded GUI Software Development for every layer of performance and budget. Get more information here.