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Quickly start designing with Microchip’s comprehensive array of easy-to-use hardware and software tools. Reduce development time with Microchip’s Curiosity, Xplained, or PoE Development Platforms and add functions with Click Boards™ from MikroElektronika. Rapidly generate peripheral configuration & communications code with Microchip’s MCC or START.

Curiosity for PIC MCU

Curiosity for PIC MCUs
  • Broad purpose development
  • Supports 8- to 40-pin MCUs
  • Integrated programmer and debugger
  • Dual Mikro Click Board expansion support
  • Requires Mikro Ethernet Adapter
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Xplained for AVR MCU

Xplained for AVR MCU
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mikroBUS Click Boards

mikroBUS Click Boards
  • Hundreds of Click Boards and growing
  • Vast array of quick plug-in options
    • Ethernet
    • Variety of sensors
    • Wireless
    • LCD
    • More...
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Power over Ethernet (PoE) Development Platform

Universal development platform for industry standard PoE infrastructure – enabling single-line communications and power. Provides development platform and reference design for participation in Cisco’s Digital Building Ecosystem. Go to  http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/digital-ceiling/partner-ecosystem.html to learn about the Digital Building Ecosystem and download the partners guide.

PIC18 PoE Main Board

  • Populated with PIC18F67J60
  • Universal Reference design and development platform
  • Up to 48W device power delivery
  • Main board with Expansion Header
    • LED Driver
    • Gesture Controller
    • mikroBUS™ Click Boards
    • Custom
poe dev call outs

I/O Starter Extension

  • Accessory to PoE Main Board
  • Indicator LED
  • Temperature sensor
  • Light sensor

Single Channel LED Driver Extension

  • Accessory to PoE Main Board
  • LED drive with Microchip HV9861A
  • Dimmable 0 to 100%
  • Configurable 10W to 45W LED drive
  • Preconfigured for 12W LED array

Gesture Controller Extension

  • Accessory to PoE Main Board
  • Color LCD display
  • GestIC® technology for customizable gesture control
  • Pre-installed configuration (lighting control)

PoE Programmer Adapter

  • PoE isolated Programming Adapter for PICkitTM 3 / ICD 3 / Real ICE 3
  • Easily loads new code to PoE main board without risk of damaging application

PIC18 MCU PoE Development Kit

  • PIC18 PoE Main Board
  • PoE Programmer Adapter
  • I/O Starter Extension

Development Platforms - Software

Free graphical programming environment for rapid generation of peripheral configuration & communications code – reducing development risk and design time.

Atmel Start

Email us with questions or comments at EoE@microchip.com.

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