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Getting started is easy with free lightweight TCPIP stacks to create customized applications that are easily implemented via MPLAB Code Configurator and START.

iot firmware ethernet
user code icon

User Code

  • Application customization
  • Extensive AVR® and PIC® MCU Options
  • Quick-start development environment
data model and management icon

Data Model and Management

  • Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP)
  • Foundation of Cisco’s Digital Building Ecosystem
  • Path to Multi-Vendor Product Interoperability
tcp ip stacks icon

TCP/IP Stacks

  • Optimized TCP and UDP Stacks
  • Proprietary or standards protocol support
  • Quick application integration via:
    • MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC)
    • Microchip START
    • MPLAB Harmony
Ethernet Stack (memory size)PIC16F1xxxxxPIC18FxxxxxATmega and ATtiny
UDP14.8 KB750 B14.3 KB763 B14.2 KB378 B
UDP with TCP23.9 KB809 B31.7 KB840 B19.1 KB483 B
UDP with CoAP 
(no TCP)
20.5 KB1.2 KB21 KB1270 B17 KB800 B
cisco logo cmyk tm

Microchip has collaborated with CISCO to enable the Digital Building Ecosystem by developing a standards-based CoAP communication layer with application-specific data models —minimizing the challenges in creating interoperable products from various vendors. Go to http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/digital-ceiling/partner-ecosystem.html to learn about the Digital Building Ecosystem and download the partners guide.

Email us with questions or comments at EoE@microchip.com.


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