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Small I/O Devices

Small I/O devices such as mice, keyboards, and graphics pads are the literally the first and most important point of contact for Macintosh® and Windows® PC users. Microchip builds in precise, nimble movement coupled with low power operation for long battery life.

Features and Benefits

  • Microchip microcontrollers feature self-programming flash for fast, secure, cost-effective field upgrades and last-minute programming. Single-chip solutions embed capacitive touch functionality to reduce costs.
  • Microchip one-chip battery management microcontrollers precisely control voltage to extend peripheral battery life while minimizing component count.
  • Microchip microcontrollers and embedded MPUs combine system control, wired and wireless connectivity, and UI management. Embedded LCD controller and resistive touch support advanced graphic UI applications.
  • High efficiency RF modules and bundles support 700/800/900 MHz and 2.4GHz bands to meet worldwide market needs. Pre-tested and pre-certified modules speed prototyping and eliminate certification testing to shorten time to market.
  • Industry-standard connectivity support includes USB wired interfaces (HID class), as well as WiFi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee IEEE 802.15.4 wireless interfaces. USB On-The-Go (OTG) connects mice and keyboards to your embedded application.
  • A full range of development tools, including reference designs with firmware, evaluation kits, and software stacks accelerate component design.

Small I/O Devices

  • Mice and Trackballs are great candidates for Microchip capacitive touch microcontrollers. Signal processing in the decision logic delivers precise, reliable button, slider or wheel touch operation. Low power use is a key competitive capability.
  • Graphics pads can rely on the Microchip maXTouch™ family of touchscreen microcontrollers, which support unlimited simultaneous touches and boast a refresh rate and signal-to-noise ratio 66 percent better than the nearest competitor.

Energy efficiency is always a concern for battery-powered wireless products. Microchip microcontrollers dramatically increase battery life. Microchip single-chip RF controllers make it easy to integrate secure, effective, wireless connectivity.

Microchip touchscreen microcontrollers offer superior performance and low-power consumption in a single IC. Unlimited touch support, built-in gestures, and the ability to ignore unintentional touches produce a user interface that is both intuitive and reliable.