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2D Touchpads/Touchscreens

Microchip is the Leading Provider in Touch Technology

Our proven, turnkey maXTouch® touchscreen controllers offer leading-edge multi-touch projected capacitive technology for use in touchpads and touchscreens up to 24” in diagonal size.  These solutions offer water tolerance and support for styluses and gloved fingers, along with the highest level of noise robustness for use in automotive and industrial applications.

Do you want to add a touchpad or a touchscreen to an existing application that uses an 8-bit PIC® or AVR® microcontroller or a 32-bit SAM microcontroller? Find out how to easily integrate finger tracking and surface gesture recognition into your design using our 2D Touch Library.

maXTouch Touchscreen Controllers

  • Turnkey solutions for multi-finger touch applications
  • Support for touchpads and touchscreens up to 24”
  • Moisture tolerance for wet environments
  • Multi-gloved finger tracking
  • Dual-finger surface gestures
  • Best-in-class noise immunity
  • Fast reporting over serial interfaces
  • Powerful development tools

2D Touch Library

  • Enables the convenience of single-finger gesture tracking on an MCU-based design
  • Enables 2D surface gesture detection
  • Support for touchpads up to 6” and touchscreens up to 3”
  • Ultra-low power consumption for battery-powered devices
  • Integrates touch user interface and main application