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Microcontrollers with Integrated Capacitive Touch Module

Easy-to-Use Touch Library Solutions for Buttons, Sliders, Wheels and Proximity

Creating a high-performance capacitive touch interface for your product doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming or expensive. Our industry-leading selection of touch-enabled microcontrollers (MCUs), paired with our easy-to-use development tools, makes adding capacitive touch almost effortless for most applications.

Exceptional Flexibility: Multiple MCU Architectures with Self and Mutual Capacitance

We offer a wide variety of touch-enabled PIC®, AVR® and SAM MCUs that make it easy to enable high-performance and reliable touch sensing in your design. These MCUs feature one or more of these dedicated, hardware-based Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) to offload the touch functionality from the MCU’s core:

  • Hardware Capacitive Voltage Divider (HCVD)
  • Analog-to-Digital Converter with Computation (ADCC)
  • Analog-to-Digital Converter with Computation and Context Saving (ADCCC)
  • Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC)

The on-chip touch modules support self- and mutual-capacitance measurements to provide exceptional design flexibility.

Autonomous and Robust

Core Independent Peripherals enable autonomous touch operation that frees up CPU resources and reduces power consumption, even in designs that have a very high button count. With their built-in automatic tuning and calibration, they also enable the highest sensitivity, superior noise immunity and water tolerance for even demanding touch applications that are exposed to and need to function in harsh environments.

Short Time to Market

We support your MCU-based touch configuration right from the start with an extensive array of easy-to-use software and hardware development tools. You are never alone when you choose our touch solutions. Our global technical support team is available to provide expert answers to all your design questions.

Find everything you need to create your MCU-enabled capacitive touch interface here:

Additional Benefits of Our Touch-Enabled MCUs

Our portfolio of touch-enabled 8-, 16- and 32-bit MCUs comes with a variety of options to meet your specific design requirements:

  • Small package sizes, including WLCSP, for space-constrained applications
  • SOIC/SSOP packages for cost-optimized production
  • Devices that range from 6 to 144 pins and come with up to 1 MB Flash memory
  • On-chip integration options that include USB, CAN/CAN FD, LIN, IrDA®, wireless protocol stack, segmented LCD and graphics
  • Automotive-certified devices
  • Easy-to-use, comprehensive development ecosystem simplifies your prototyping and speeds up your time to market

Is a Turnkey Capacitive Touch Controller a Better Option for Your Design?

We also offer plug-and-play turnkey touch controllers if you want a simple and fast option for replacing mechanical buttons without making any additional changes to your product.

Development Tools

Featured Hardware Development Tools

Here are several featured touch development boards that will make it easy to create your capacitive touch sensing application:

QTy XPlained Pro Extension Kit (ATQT7-XPRO) Board Photo

QT7 XPlained Pro Extension Kit

Part Number: ATQT7-XPRO
This extension board is used to evaluate the water and noise robustness of self-capacitance touch. The kit demonstrates water-tolerant touch using driven shield or Driven Shield+ technology, depending on the microcontroller used on the motherboard. The kit includes one board with a self-capacitance slider and two self-capacitance buttons. It also has eight LEDs that indicate button state and slider position.

AC47H23A Board Photo

QT10 XPlained Pro Extension Kit

Part Number: AC47H23A
This extension board, designed for use with Xplained Pro or Curiosity Nano development boards, enables the evaluation of the Touch library for mutual capacitive sensing. It features four touch buttons and a four-segment slider to demonstrate water tolerance, speed and noise immunity. It also supports boosted capacitive touch sensing, which enables you to double the signal-to-noise ratio or reduce your scan time by a factor of four.

Curiosity Nano Touch Adapter

Curiosity Nano Touch Adapter

Part Number: AC80T88A
This hardware extension platform can be used to connect Xplained Pro touch extension boards to a Curiosity Nano board for the easy addition of capacitive touch sensing capabilities to your prototype.

QT7 XPlained Pro Extension Kit (ATQT7-XPRO) Board Photo

ATtiny817 Water Tolerance Demonstration Kit

This kit demonstrates the best-in-class conducted immunity and moisture tolerance achievable with the Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC). It uses Driven Shield+ technology to implement a solution that passes conducted immunity testing per IEC 61000-4-6 specifications while simultaneously being immune to false touches due to water on the touch surface.

Water-Tolerant 2D Touch Surface Development Kit - PIC® MCU Edition (DM164149) Board Photo

Water-Tolerant 2D Touch Surface Development Kit - PIC® MCU Edition

Part Number: DM164149
This development kit enables easy evaluation of a water-tolerant design that uses the 2D Touch Surface Library. The kit demonstrates water tolerance and noise immunity on a touchpad and has two touch buttons, all of which are controlled by the same PIC microcontroller. It features dual-finger gesture recognition on chip, including swipes, tap events, dual finger swipes, rotations and even pinch/zoom gestures.

Software Development Tools

The MPLAB® development environment is a single tool chain supporting all PIC®, AVR® and SAM microcontrollers and can be used to simplify touch configuration in your design. It includes these tools:


MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

MPLAB X IDE is an expandable, highly configurable software program that incorporates powerful tools to help you discover, configure, develop, debug and qualify embedded designs for most of Microchip’s microcontrollers and digital signal controllers. It offers a host of features to help you quickly debug your projects and minimize your development time.

MPLAB Code Configurator logo

MPLAB Code Configurator

MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC) is a free, graphical programming environment that generates seamless, easy-to-understand C code to be inserted into your project. Using an intuitive interface, it enables and configures a rich set of peripherals and functions specific to your application.


MPLAB Harmony v3

MPLAB Harmony v3 is a fully integrated embedded software development framework for 32-bit PIC and SAM MCUs that provides flexible and interoperable software modules to simplify the development of value-added features and reduce your product’s time to market.


MPLAB Xpress Cloud-Based IDE

MPLAB Xpress Cloud-Based IDE is an online development environment that contains the most popular features of MPLAB X IDE. It is a perfect starting point for new users of PIC® and AVR® microcontrollers (MCUs) and requires no downloads, no machine configuration and no waiting to get started on your system development.


Data Visualizer

This easy-to-use tuning solution for use with all MCUs with touch enables you to visualize your touch data to maximize the performance and reliability of your touch design. Use this free program with the code you create with MCC, MPLAB Harmony or Atmel START to process and visualize real-time touch data for your project.

The Atmel Studio development environment supports AVR and SAM MCUs:

Atmel Studio 7

Atmel Studio 7

The Atmel Studio 7 Integrated Development Platform (IDP) gives you a seamless and easy-to-use environment to write, build and debug your applications written in C/C++ or assembly code. It also connects seamlessly to the debuggers, programmers and development kits that support AVR® and SAM devices.



Atmel START is an innovative online tool for intuitive, graphical configuration of embedded software projects. It lets you select and configure software components, drivers and middleware, as well as complete example projects, specifically tailored to the needs of your application.

Other Touch Software Tools