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1D Touch Library Solutions - Touch on MCU

Microchip offers complete tools to enable touch sensing on any MCU with an ADC. By using an MCU with an integrated touch module, the highest integration and lowest power can be achieved. To ensure your touch project benefits from proven touch algorithms for highest performance and reliability Microchip offers touch libraries - These libraries are the essence of several decades of touch expertise, readily available for your design.

Furthermore, Microchip offers "MCUs with touch" - MCUs that feature dedicated CIPs (Core Independent Peripheral) to realize touch-offloading to core. These touch modules (HCVD, ADC2 w/ HCVD, PTC) support self and mutual measurements - providing great flexibility for the system designer. Due to the autonomous operation, CPU resources and power are minimized, even for high key count designs. With built in automatic tuning and calibration Microchip provides highest quality of touch even under harsh environments.