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Automotive Connectivity

Automotive product designs require the flexibility and variety of multiple devices working together to form secure and reliable networks. Create the next generation of connected automotive designs with our broad portfolio of innovative connectivity and interface devices. Whatever your throughput needs are, we have the hardware, software, tools and expertise to get your design connected. Our automotive-qualified products meet or exceed AEC-Q100 qualifications, include many Grade-0 rated devices for harsh applications and are backed by Microchip’s policy of customer-driven obsolescence, ensuring long-term supply so that you’re not forced into a redesign.



As the leading supplier of automotive-qualified Ethernet devices with the broadest portfolio in the market, Microchip has the solution you need to get connected. Our automotive-grade PHYs, switches, bridges, controllers and security ICs are designed to meet the rigorous demands of a wide variety of in-vehicle networking applications.

MOST® Technology

On the leading edge of the latest innovations in MOST technology, Microchip is the one-stop shop for approved MOST solutions. A combination of highly-integrated mixed-signal integrated circuits and real-time, object-oriented network management software provide the resources needed to implement a complete MOST system design.

INICnet Technology

INICnet is a true automotive multimedia networking technology. Only INICnet supports audio, video and packet data over a single cable, with efficiency and simplicity. INICnet defines the hardware and basic software necessary to allow for the efficient and low-cost transport of control, real-time and packet data using a single medium (physical layer).


From USB 2.0 to USB 3.1, Type-C and Power Delivery, Microchip provides the innovation needed for the automotive segment with complete AEC-Q100 qualification. With patented technology and integration of a microcontroller into Microchip’s SmartHub architecture, system functionality can be maximized while the bill of material is optimized.


Microchip offers the flexibility to architect many different bus network topologies. Microchip’s ever-expanding portfolio of CAN and CAN FD devices includes stand-alone and integrated CAN FD transceivers and controllers—supporting the speed of innovation in automotive connectivity.


Designing with cost-effective system networking in mind? Microchip provides stand-alone Local Interconnect Network (LIN) transceivers along with System Basis Chips (SBC) that include integrated transceivers with voltage regulators. Additionally, our System-In-Package (SIP) solutions include an integrated microcontroller with the LIN transceiver and voltage regulator in a single package.