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Audio Player/Recorder

Audio provides a means of communication, improves the usability of a product and delivers entertainment. It can transform the mood of an environment, help us escape a noisy commute, make a device simple and intuitive to use and improve the quality of life for the visually impaired.

The audio package available in MPLAB® Harmony v3 provides many audio building blocks that include application demo examples, their associated drivers and peripheral libraries (PLIBs). The audio repository makes it easy to quickly develop applications based on our 32-bit SAM and PIC32 microcontrollers (MCUs).

The MPLAB Harmony v3 audio repository contains audio encoders, audio decoders, codec drivers and audio interface drivers such as I2S™, as well as applications demonstrating an audio player, audio tone, microphone, and USB microphone/speaker. Projects using MPLAB Harmony v3 audio typically connect to either a hardware codec or an external Digital-to-Audio Converter (DAC) using the I2S interface for audio. Some projects may also use USB.

SD Card Audio Player
Harmony Audio