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Microchip PDS-408G Switch for Cost-effective Smart Lighting Systems

We are in the digital era where enterprises are embracing innovative technologies to create new experiences and drive business opportunities. The adoption of commercial smart lighting systems has grown significantly as organizations strive to improve energy efficiency and operational costs in buildings. Network-powered luminaires allow you to leverage existing LAN infrastructures and offer remote management capabilities that translate into lower installation and operating costs. PoE, in turn, serves as a catalyst towards creating a flexible solution that eliminates the need for AC wiring, while allowing IT managers to control and optimize power utilization as a part of network management.


Power over Ethernet (PoE) is rising in popularity for smart lighting systems, providing a reliable and easy-to-install solution that manages power and data over a single Ethernet cable. Microchip’s IEEE® 802.3bt-compliant PDS-408G PoE switch is ideally suited to support the growing demand for energy-efficient lighting systems.

Designed to be deployed in the ceiling or in communications rooms, the PDS-408G fanless digital ceiling PoE switch offers an optimal and cost-effective solution for PoE lighting and other digital ceiling applications. It allows lighting fixtures and other Ethernet terminals to efficiently receive power, along with data, over standard Ethernet cables. Based on Microchip’s latest Power Source Equipment Integrated Component (PSE IC) generation, the switch supports full-power mode by simultaneously providing 60W for all eight ports concurrently or any specific port up to 90W.

The Microchip digital ceiling switch is unique as it enables IT managers to control and optimize power utilization in the most energy-efficient manner. Being vendor-agnostic, the new device is compatible with any IEEE™ 802.3bt, 802.3at and 802.3af PoE lighting fixture designed specifically for digital ceiling installations.


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