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MPLAB® Connect Configurator - Programming and Configuration Utility

Follow this link for the latest revision of the MPLAB® Connect Configurator -> Click Here

MPLAB Connect Configurator (formerly ProTouch2) is a configuration and programming tool that makes it easy for you to configure and program our latest USB hubs, and Ethernet and PCIe® products. Offering an interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI), MPLAB Connect Configurator enables you to easily create  configuration files in binary (.cfg and .bin)  and JSON (.json) formats that contain the data to be programmed onto the target device. Grouped into three categories—Basic Features, Advanced Features and Special Features—these programming options enable you to manage a variety of options to customize your design.


  • Customize your Vendor ID (VID) and Part ID (PID)
  • Enable USB control of I2C, SPI or Digital I/O on your SmartHub or USB to Ethernet Bridge
  • Specify the unique MAC Address you will use for your USB to Ethernet Bridge
  • Configure how much power your USB to Ethernet Bridge will consume
  • Specify how your USB to Ethernet Bridge will light Activity LEDs
  • Mass Program your devices


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