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Softlog ICP2(HC) Production Quality In-Circuit High Current Programmer

Part Number: TPG100008


The Softlog ICP2(HC) Production Quality In-Circuit High Current Programmer is a cost-effective programmer that operates with a PC or as a standalone unit.

Note: All technical support and warranty service will be provided by Softlog. You can contact them at support@softlog.com.

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Softlog Production Quality In-Circuit Programmers

Softlog production quality programmers can program up to 64 target boards simultaneously, and offer advanced features such as Secure Programming, DLL support, and High Current drive. Softlog has produced production quality programmers since 1998. 

  • Cost-effective programmers for high volume production, service, and development
  • Over-current protection circuits protect both programmed devices and the programmer
  • Once all necessary parameters have been set up, quickly and securely duplicate devices in production one-touch programming mode
  • Operate programmers in stand-alone mode with no PC attached
  • DLL functions are suitable for high volume automatic programming (optional)
  • Secure Programming features strong encryption, and can limit the number of devices programmed (optional)
  • Built-in Bootloader allows convenient field firmware upgrades via software
  • Connects to PC with USB or RS-232 interface
  • Compatible with Windows® 95/ 98/ 2000/ ME/ XP/ NT/Vista/7

Several Models Available

Several models of Softlog programmers are available. All models program 8-bit devices, including PIC12C, PIC16C, PIC10F, PIC12F, PIC16(L)F, PIC18F, PIC18F(J), and PIC18F(K). The following options are available:

  • Option D – DLL/Command Line Support for control by external programs or batch files
  • Option P – dsPIC/PIC24 Device Support
  • Option S – Security Support for strong encryption and to limit the number of devices programmed (more information)
  • Option K – Keeloq Support
  • Option X – PIC32 Support


 Microchip P/N  Softlog P/N  Channels Battery Drive Capability DLL/Command Line
Support (D)
dsPIC/PIC24 Support
Security Support
 TPG100001  ICP2  1  -  Normal  -  -  -
 TPG100002  ICP2-DP  1  -  Normal  Yes  Yes  -
 TPG100004  ICP2GANG-DP  4  -  Normal  Yes  Yes  -
 TPG100005  ICP2GANG  4  -  Normal  -  -  -
 TPG100006  ICP2GANG-DS  4  -  Normal  Yes  -  Yes
 TPG100007  ICP2-DS  1  -  Normal  Yes  -  Yes
 TPG100008  ICP2(HC)  1  -  High  -  -  -
 TPG100009  ICP2PORT  1  Yes  Base  -  -  -
 TPG100010  ICP2PORT-P  1  Yes  Base  -  Yes  -

Note 1: Keeloq Support(K) and PIC32 Support(X) are not available for these models

Note 2: Any support option (D/P/S/K/X) can be activated remotely. Upgrades for secure programming (S) are available from microchipDIRECT. For other options, contact Softlog Systems for details.

Note 3: ICP2 programmers can be powered by USB, or by external power adapter (included). ICP2GANG programmers are powered by external power adapter (included).

Note 4: ICP2PORT programmers can be powered by USB, batteries (3 type AAA), or external power adapter (not included).

Capabilities of High-Current Programmer

The ICP2(HC) model is designed for target boards with high current requirements:

Parameter   Microchip P/N: TPG100001

Softlog P/N: ICP2
Microchip P/N: TPG100008

Softlog P/N: ICP2(HC)
Supply from USB Yes (VDD current is limited to 40mA) Not Available
VDD current, max 250mA (recommended till 100mA) 1000mA
VPP capacitive load, max 22nF 100nF
VPP current, max 25mA 100mA
Clock current, max 5mA (due to in-series resistor 150Ω) 100mA
Data current, max 5mA (due to in-series resistor 150Ω) 100mA

Gang Programmers Can Be Daisy-Chained

ICP2GANG programmers can be daisy-chained together to program up to 64 target devices simultaneously. Only a single USB or RS-232 connection to a PC is required, diagram shown above.

Full Featured GUI Programming Software

Control of ICP2 and ICP2GANG programmers is provided via MPLAB IDE plug-in, or a stand-alone GUI application, screenshot shown above.

Unique Secure Programming Capability

The secure programming feature dramatically reduces the risk of unauthorized reconstruction of hex files, and also limits how many times a hex file can be programmed. Secure programming operates on two levels: the ADMIN level and the USER level.

  • The ADMIN level of operation corresponds to the developer or owner of the software.
  • The USER level corresponds to a contract manufacturer or anyone authorized to program devices.

Using the Softlog Integrated Software, the ADMIN initializes the programmer with unique password, ID number and secure buffer. Once initialized, the programmer may be shipped to a contract manufacturer. The ADMIN can update the programmer remotely by sending encrypted files to the USER.

To begin a programming job, the ADMIN uses the Softlog Integrated Software to create an environment file. The environment file includes hex data, configuration info, and one optional piece of information: a counter that specifies the maximum number of successfully programmed devices. The environment file is protected using strong encryption, and can only be decoded by a programmer that has been initialized with the correct password and ID number.

The optional counter of successfully programmed devices is stored in non-volatile memory of the programmer. It can be used to ensure that only an authorized number of devices are programmed from a particular environment file.

The optional secure buffer provides an extra level of security by replacing a portion of the hex data memory image with dummy values. The content of the secure buffer is stored in protected memory within the programmer, and is programmed into the target device after the complete memory image (including dummy data) has been programmed and verified.

Note: Any security protocol or encryption scheme can be broken, if the attacker is sufficiently motivated and has access to the necessary resources and expertise. The Softlog Secure Programming feature is designed to dramatically reduce this risk.

The Secure Programming option can be added to any ICP2 or ICP2GANG programmer, no matter when or where it was purchased: 

Softlog SEC-DS Secure Programming Upgrade for ICP2 Programmers (SW500090) 

Softlog SEC4CH-DS Secure Programming Upgrade for ICP2GANG Programmers (SW500091)

Documents and Software

Product Features

    • Fast programming of Microchip® 8-bit PIC® MCUs and serial EEPROMs
    • Designed to program boards with high current requirements
    • Supports 4 serialization schemes: sequential, random, pseudo-random, and user file (1 to 8 bytes)
    • 1000mA Vdd drive current
    • 100mA Vpp, clock/data current
    • Tests Vdd and Vpp for overload with indication by software
    • Wired standalone programming via 3 lines (Enter/ Pass/ Fail)
    • Programmable Vdd (2.0 to 5.5V)
    • Programmable Vpp (2.0 to 13.5V)
    • Programmable delay between Vdd and Vpp (0.1 to 250ms)
    • Programmable clock/data speed (500KHz to 2.5MHz)
    • 1 MByte of on-board flash memory
    • Fully integrated into MPLAB IDE® via plug-in


The Softlog ICP2(HC) Production Quality In-Circuit High Current Programmer is a cost-effective programmer that operates with a PC or as a standalone unit.

Note: All technical support and warranty service will be provided by Softlog. You can contact them at support@softlog.com.