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DV164045 - MPLAB ICD 4 In-Circuit Debugger

Part Number: DV164045

The MPLAB® ICD 4 In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer is Microchip’s fastest, cost-effective debugging and programming tool for PIC® Microcontrollers (MCUs) and dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs). This speed is provided by a 300 MHz, 32-bit MCU with 2MB of RAM and a high-speed FPGA to yield faster communications, downloads and debugging. It debugs and programs with the powerful, yet easy-to-use graphical user interface of MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The MPLAB ICD 4 is connected to your PC using a high-speed USB 2.0 interface and is connected to the target with a debugging connector which is also compatible with the MPLAB ICD 3 or MPLAB REAL ICE™ In-Circuit Emulator systems. The MPLAB ICD 4 also works with JTAG interfaces.

The MPLAB ICD 4 In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer supports many, but not all, PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs at this time. The firmware is continually being upgraded to add support for new devices. For the most current list of supported parts, review the latest release notes located in MPLAB X IDE or view them in the Supported Devices tab below. To request device support or to report issues, email: ICD4_update@microchip.com

    Full-Speed Real-Time Emulation
    • Designed to support high-speed processors running at maximum speeds
    • Debug applications on your own hardware in real time 

    Ruggedized Interface

    • Protection circuitries are added to the probe drivers to guard from power surges from the target
    • VDD and VPP voltage monitors protect against overvoltage conditions/all lines have over-current protection
    • Safely power up to 1A with an optional power supply

    Microchip Standard Connectivity Plus JTAG

    • Comes with a standard Microchip debugging connector and has the option to use JTAG


    • Supports all MPLAB ICD 3 headers

    Portable, USB-Powered and RoHS-compliant

    • Housed in a durable, black case with a brushed aluminum top and accented with an LED strip to indicate debugging status
    • Powered by a USB port, no external power required
    • CE- and RoHS-compliant

    Wide Voltage Emulation

    • Supports target supply voltages from 1.20V to 5.5V

    High-Speed Programming

    • Quick firmware reload for fast debugging/in-circuit re-programming
    • Includes programmable adjustment of debugging speed for optimized programming

    Test Interface Module

    • Includes a loopback module to test debugging port and cable

    Ease of Maintenance and Feature Upgrade

    • Add new device support and features by installing the latest version of MPLAB X IDE, which is available as a free download at www.microchip.com/mplabx
    • Field-upgradeable through an MPLAB X IDE firmware download

    Cost Effective

    • Features and performance at a fraction of the cost of comparable emulator systems

    Powerful Debugging

    • High-powered debugging with MPLAB X IDE
    • Supports multiple breakpoints, stopwatch and source code file debugging
    • Selectable pull-up/pull-down option to the target interface in MPLAB X IDE’s editor for quick program modification/debug
    •  MPLAB ICD 4 In-Circuit Debugger
    • USB mini-B cable
    •  MPLAB ICD test interface module (AC164113)
    • Warranty card
    • MPLAB X IDE version 4.00 or later
    • Available USB port
    • Microsoft Windows® 7 or later, Mac OSX® and Linux® operating systems

 AC164110  RJ-11 to ICSP Adapter
If your board has a PICkit 3 interface, you can use this adapter with the ICD 3 to program and debug. It is a converter between the two interfaces.
 AC002014  9V Wall Mount Power Supply
9V, 110-220V universal power supply with adjustable
plugs suitable for electrical outlets in most countries in
North America, Europe and Asia.
 DM240001-3  Explorer 16/32 Development Kit
The Explorer 16/32 Development Kit provides a low-cost full-featured modular development platform for Microchip's 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers and related software/hardware products. The Explorer 16/32 development board supports a wide variety of processor Plug-in Module (PIM) boards, enabling easy evaluation and development with a specific microcontroller family. Additional hardware functionality can also be added to the board through the use of accessory/expansion boards connecting through the mikroBUSTM and PICtailTM Plus Interfaces.
 DM320103  Curiosity PIC32MX470 Development Board
The Curiosity Development Board includes an integrated programmer/debugger and is fully integrated with Microchip MPLAB® X IDE (integrated development environment) and PIC32's software integration framework MPLAB ® Harmony. The board offers expansion capabilities making it an excellent choice for a rapid prototyping board in USB, Hi-Resolution /Bluetooth Audio, BTLE and other general propose applications.
Device Family  Software Breakpoints
dsPIC30F1010 Supported
dsPIC30F2010  Supported
dsPIC30F2011 Supported
dsPIC30F2012 Supported
dsPIC30F2020  Supported
dsPIC30F2023  Supported
dsPIC30F3010 Supported
dsPIC30F3011  Supported
dsPIC30F3012  Supported
dsPIC30F3013  Supported
dsPIC30F3014  Supported
dsPIC30F4011   Supported
dsPIC30F4012  Supported
dsPIC30F4013  Supported
dsPIC30F5011  Supported
dsPIC30F5013 Supported
dsPIC30F5015 Supported
dsPIC30F5016 Supported
dsPIC30F6010A Supported
dsPIC30F6010 Supported
dsPIC30F6011A Supported
dsPIC30F6011 Supported
dsPIC30F6012A Supported
dsPIC30F6012 Supported
dsPIC30F6013A Supported
dsPIC30F6013 Supported
dsPIC30F6014A Supported
dsPIC30F6014 Supported
dsPIC30F6015 Supported
dsPIC33EP128GM304 Supported
dsPIC33EP128GM306 Supported
dsPIC33EP128GM604 Supported
dsPIC33EP128GM706 Supported
dsPIC33EP128GM710 Supported
dsPIC33EP128GP502 Supported
dsPIC33EP128GP504 Supported
dsPIC33EP128GP506 Supported
dsPIC33EP128MC202 Supported
dsPIC33EP128MC204 Supported
dsPIC33EP128MC206 Supported
dsPIC33EP128MC502 Supported
dsPIC33EP128MC504 Supported
dsPIC33EP128MC506 Supported
dsPIC33EP16GS202 Supported
dsPIC33EP256GM304 Supported
dsPIC33EP256GM306 Supported
dsPIC33EP256GM310 Supported
dsPIC33EP256GM604 Supported
dsPIC33EP256GM706 Supported
dsPIC33EP256GM710 Supported
dsPIC33EP256GP502 Supported
dsPIC33EP256GP504 Supported
dsPIC33EP256GP506 Supported
dsPIC33EP256MC202 Supported
dsPIC33EP256MC204 Supported
dsPIC33EP256MC206 Supported
dsPIC33EP256MC502 Supported
dsPIC33EP256MC504 Supported
dsPIC33EP256MC506 Supported
dsPIC33EP256MU806 Supported
dsPIC33EP256MU810 Supported
dsPIC33EP256MU814  Supported
dsPIC33EP32GP502 Supported
dsPIC33EP32GP503 Supported
dsPIC33EP32GP504 Supported
dsPIC33EP32GS202 Supported
dsPIC33EP32MC202 Supported
dsPIC33EP32MC203 Supported
dsPIC33EP32MC204 Supported
dsPIC33EP32MC502 Supported
dsPIC33EP32MC503 Supported
dsPIC33EP32MC504 Supported
dsPIC33EP512GM304 Supported
dsPIC33EP512GM306 Supported
dsPIC33EP512GM310 Supported
dsPIC33EP512GM604 Supported
dsPIC33EP512GM706 Supported
dsPIC33EP512GM710 Supported
dsPIC33EP512GP502 Supported
dsPIC33EP512GP504 Supported
dsPIC33EP512GP506 Supported
dsPIC33EP512GP806 Supported
dsPIC33EP512MC202 Supported
dsPIC33EP512MC204 Supported
dsPIC33EP512MC206 Supported
dsPIC33EP512MC502 Supported
dsPIC33EP512MC504 Supported
dsPIC33EP512MC506 Supported
dsPIC33EP512MC806 Supported
dsPIC33EP512MU810 Supported
dsPIC33EP512MU814 Supported
dsPIC33EP64GP502 Supported
dsPIC33EP64GP503 Supported
dsPIC33EP64GP504 Supported
dsPIC33EP64GP506 Supported
dsPIC33EP64MC202 Supported
dsPIC33EP64MC203 Supported
dsPIC33EP64MC204 Supported
dsPIC33EP64MC206 Supported
dsPIC33EP64MC502 Supported
dsPIC33EP64MC503 Supported
dsPIC33EP64MC504 Supported
dsPIC33EP64MC506 Supported
dsPIC33FJ06GS001 Supported
dsPIC33FJ06GS101A Supported
dsPIC33FJ06GS101 Supported
dsPIC33FJ06GS102A Supported
dsPIC33FJ06GS102 Supported
dsPIC33FJ06GS202A Supported
dsPIC33FJ06GS202 Supported
dsPIC33FJ09GS302 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128GP202 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128GP204 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128GP206A Supported
dsPIC33FJ128GP206 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128GP306A Supported
dsPIC33FJ128GP306 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128GP310A Supported
dsPIC33FJ128GP310 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128GP706A Supported
dsPIC33FJ128GP706 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128GP708A Supported
dsPIC33FJ128GP708 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128GP710A Supported
dsPIC33FJ128GP710 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128GP802 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128GP804 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128MC202 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128MC204 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128MC506A Supported
dsPIC33FJ128MC506 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128MC510A Supported
dsPIC33FJ128MC510 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128MC706A Supported
dsPIC33FJ128MC706 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128MC708A Supported
dsPIC33FJ128MC708 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128MC710A Supported
dsPIC33FJ128MC710 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128MC802 Supported
dsPIC33FJ128MC804 Supported
dsPIC33FJ12GP201 Supported
dsPIC33FJ12GP202 Supported
dsPIC33FJ12MC201 Supported
dsPIC33FJ12MC202 Supported
dsPIC33FJ16GP101 Supported
dsPIC33FJ16GP102 Supported
dsPIC33FJ16GP304 Supported
dsPIC33FJ16GS402 Supported
dsPIC33FJ16GS404 Supported
dsPIC33FJ16GS502 Supported
dsPIC33FJ16GS504 Supported
dsPIC33FJ16MC101 Supported
dsPIC33FJ16MC102 Supported
dsPIC33FJ16MC304 Supported
dsPIC33FJ256GP506A Supported
dsPIC33FJ256GP506 Supported
dsPIC33FJ256GP510A Supported
dsPIC33FJ256GP510 Supported
dsPIC33FJ256GP710A Supported
dsPIC33FJ256GP710 Supported
dsPIC33FJ256MC510A Supported
dsPIC33FJ256MC510 Supported
dsPIC33FJ256MC710A Supported
dsPIC33FJ256MC710 Supported
dsPIC33FJ32GP101 Supported
dsPIC33FJ32GP102 Supported
dsPIC33FJ32GP104  Supported
dsPIC33FJ32GP202 Supported
dsPIC33FJ32GP204 Supported
dsPIC33FJ32GP302 Supported
dsPIC33FJ32GP304 Supported
dsPIC33FJ32GS406 Supported
dsPIC33FJ32GS606 Supported
dsPIC33FJ32GS608 Supported
dsPIC33FJ32GS610 Supported
dsPIC33FJ32MC101 Supported
dsPIC33FJ32MC102 Supported
dsPIC33FJ32MC104 Supported
dsPIC33FJ32MC202 Supported
dsPIC33FJ32MC204 Supported
dsPIC33FJ32MC302 Supported
dsPIC33FJ32MC304 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GP202 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GP204 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GP206A Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GP206 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GP306A Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GP306 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GP310A Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GP310 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GP706A Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GP706 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GP708A Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GP708 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GP710A Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GP710 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GP802 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GP804 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GS406 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GS606 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GS608 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64GS610 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64MC202 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64MC204 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64MC506A Supported
dsPIC33FJ64MC506 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64MC508A Supported
dsPIC33FJ64MC508 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64MC510A Supported
dsPIC33FJ64MC510 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64MC706A Supported
dsPIC33FJ64MC706 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64MC710A Supported
dsPIC33FJ64MC710 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64MC802 Supported
dsPIC33FJ64MC804 Supported
PIC12F1501 Supported
PIC12F1571 Supported
PIC12F1572  Supported
PIC12F1612  Supported
PIC12F1822 Supported
PIC12F1840 Supported
PIC12F635 Supported
PIC12F683 Supported
PIC12LF1571 Supported
PIC12LF1572 Supported
PIC12LF1612 Supported
PIC16F1454 Supported
PIC16F1455 Supported
PIC16F1459 Supported
PIC16F1503 Supported
PIC16F1507 Supported
PIC16F1508 Supported
PIC16F1509 Supported
PIC16F15354 Supported
PIC16F15355 Supported
PIC16F1574 Supported
PIC16F1575 Supported
PIC16F1578 Supported
PIC16F1579 Supported
PIC16F1613 Supported
PIC16F1614 Supported
PIC16F1615 Supported
PIC16F1618 Supported
PIC16F1619 Supported
PIC16F1703 Supported
PIC16F1704 Supported
PIC16F1705 Supported
PIC16F1707 Supported
PIC16F1708 Supported
PIC16F1709 Supported
PIC16F1713 Supported
PIC16F1716 Supported
PIC16F1717 Supported
PIC16F1718 Supported
PIC16F1719 Supported
PIC16F1764 Supported
PIC16F1765 Supported
PIC16F1768 Supported
PIC16F1769 Supported
PIC16F1773 Supported
PIC16F1776 Supported
PIC16F1777 Supported
PIC16F1778 Supported
PIC16F1779 Supported
PIC16F1782 Supported
PIC16F1783 Supported
PIC16F1784 Supported
PIC16F1786 Supported
PIC16F1787 Supported
PIC16F1788 Supported
PIC16F1789 Supported
PIC16F1823 Supported
PIC16F1824 Supported
PIC16F1825 Supported
PIC16F1826 Supported
PIC16F1827 Supported
PIC16F1828 Supported
PIC16F1829 Supported
PIC16F18313 Supported
PIC16F18323 Supported
PIC16F18324 Supported
PIC16F18325 Supported
PIC16F18326 Supported
PIC16F18344 Supported
PIC16F18345 Supported
PIC16F18346 Supported
PIC16F1847 Supported
PIC16F18854 Supported
PIC16F18855 Supported
PIC16F18856 Supported
PIC16F18857 Supported
PIC16F18875 Supported
PIC16F18876 Supported
PIC16F18877 Supported
PIC16F1933 Supported
PIC16F1934 Supported
PIC16F1936 Supported
PIC16F1937 Supported
PIC16F1938 Supported
PIC16F1939 Supported
PIC16F1946 Supported
PIC16F1947 Supported
PIC16F627A Supported
PIC16F628A Supported
PIC16F630 Supported
PIC16F631 Supported
PIC16F636 Supported
PIC16F639 Supported
PIC16F677 Supported
PIC16F684 Supported
PIC16F685 Supported
PIC16F687 Supported
PIC16F688 Supported
PIC16F689 Supported
PIC16F690 Supported
PIC16F720 Supported
PIC16F721 Supported
PIC16F785 Supported
PIC16F870 Supported
PIC16F871 Supported
PIC16F872 Supported
PIC16F873A Supported
PIC16F874A Supported
PIC16F876A Supported
PIC16F877A Supported
PIC16F913 Supported
PIC16F914 Supported
PIC16F916 Supported
PIC16F917  Supported
PIC16F946 Supported
PIC16LF1454  Supported
PIC16LF1455 Supported
PIC16LF1459 Supported
PIC16LF1503 Supported
PIC16LF1509 Supported
PIC16LF15354  Supported
PIC16LF15355 Supported
PIC16LF1566 Supported
PIC16LF1574 Supported
PIC16LF1575 Supported
PIC16LF1578 Supported
PIC16LF1579 Supported
PIC16LF1613 Supported
PIC16LF1614 Supported
PIC16LF1615 Supported
PIC16LF1618 Supported
PIC16LF1619 Supported
PIC16LF1705 Supported
PIC16LF1709 Supported
PIC16LF1713 Supported
PIC16LF1716 Supported
PIC16LF1717 Supported
PIC16LF1718 Supported
PIC16LF1719 Supported
PIC16LF1764 Supported
PIC16LF1765 Supported
PIC16LF1768 Supported
PIC16LF1769 Supported
PIC16LF1773 Supported
PIC16LF1776 Supported
PIC16LF1777 Supported
PIC16LF1778 Supported
PIC16LF1779 Supported
PIC16LF1782 Supported
PIC16LF1784 Supported
PIC16LF1786 Supported
PIC16LF1787  Supported
PIC16LF1788 Supported
PIC16LF1789 Supported
PIC16LF1825 Supported
PIC16LF1826 Supported
PIC16LF18313 Supported
PIC16LF18323 Supported
PIC16LF18324 Supported
PIC16LF18325 Supported
PIC16LF18326 Supported
PIC16LF18344 Supported
PIC16LF18345 Supported
PIC16LF18346 Supported
PIC16LF1847 Supported
PIC16LF18854 Supported
PIC16LF18855 Supported
PIC16LF18856 Supported
PIC16LF18857 Supported
PIC16LF18875 Supported
PIC16LF18876 Supported
PIC16LF18877 Supported
PIC16LF1904 Supported
PIC16LF1906 Supported
PIC16LF1907 Supported
PIC16LF1933 Supported
PIC16LF1934 Supported
PIC16LF1936 Supported
PIC16LF1937 Supported
PIC16LF1946 Supported
PIC16LF1947 Supported
PIC16LF627A Supported
PIC16LF720 Supported
PIC16LF721 Supported
PIC16LF870 Supported
PIC16LF871 Supported
PIC16LF872 Supported
PIC16LF873A Supported
PIC16LF874A Supported
PIC16LF877A Supported
PIC18F1230 Supported
PIC18F1320 Supported
PIC18F1330 Supported
PIC18F13K22 Supported
PIC18F13K50 Supported
PIC18F14K22 Supported
PIC18F14K50 Supported
PIC18F2220 disabled
PIC18F2221 disabled
PIC18F2320 disabled
PIC18F2321 disabled
PIC18F2331 disabled
PIC18F23K20 disabled
PIC18F23K22 Supported
PIC18F2410 disabled
PIC18F2420 disabled
PIC18F2423 disabled
PIC18F242 disabled
PIC18F2431 disabled
PIC18F2450 disabled
PIC18F2455 disabled
PIC18F2458 disabled
PIC18F2480 disabled
PIC18F248 disabled
PIC18F24J10 Supported
PIC18F24J11 Supported
PIC18F24J50 Supported
PIC18F24K20 disabled
PIC18F24K22 Supported
PIC18F24K40 Supported
PIC18F24K50 Supported
PIC18F2510 disabled
PIC18F2515 disabled
PIC18F2520 disabled
PIC18F2523 disabled
PIC18F2525 disabled
PIC18F252 disabled
PIC18F2550 disabled
PIC18F2553 disabled
PIC18F2580 disabled
PIC18F2585 disabled
PIC18F258 disabled
PIC18F25J10 Supported
PIC18F25J11 Supported
PIC18F25J50 Supported
PIC18F25K20 disabled
PIC18F25K22 Supported
PIC18F25K50 Supported
PIC18F25K80 Supported
PIC18F2610 disabled
PIC18F2620 disabled
PIC18F2680 disabled
PIC18F2682 disabled
PIC18F2685 disabled
PIC18F26J11 Supported
PIC18F26J13 Supported
PIC18F26J50 Supported
PIC18F26J53 Supported
PIC18F26K22 Supported
PIC18F26K40 Supported
PIC18F27J13 Supported
PIC18F27J53 Supported
PIC18F27K40 Supported
PIC18F4220 disabled
PIC18F4221 disabled
PIC18F4320 disabled
PIC18F4321 disabled
PIC18F4331 disabled
PIC18F43K20 disabled
PIC18F43K22 Supported
PIC18F4410  disabled
PIC18F4420 disabled
PIC18F4423 disabled
PIC18F442 disabled
PIC18F4431 disabled
PIC18F4450 disabled
PIC18F4455 disabled
PIC18F4458 disabled
PIC18F4480 disabled
PIC18F448 disabled
PIC18F44J10 Supported
PIC18F44J11 Supported
PIC18F44J50 Supported
PIC18F44K20 disabled
PIC18F44K22 Supported
PIC18F4510 disabled
PIC18F4515 disabled
PIC18F4520 disabled
PIC18F4523 disabled
PIC18F4525 disabled
PIC18F452 disabled
PIC18F4550 disabled
PIC18F4553 disabled
PIC18F4580 disabled
PIC18F4585 disabled
PIC18F458 disabled
PIC18F45J10 Supported
PIC18F45J11 Supported
PIC18F45J50 Supported
PIC18F45K20 disabled
PIC18F45K22 Supported
PIC18F45K40 Supported
PIC18F45K50 Supported
PIC18F45K80 Supported
PIC18F4610 disabled
PIC18F4620 disabled
PIC18F4680 disabled
PIC18F4682 disabled
PIC18F4685 disabled
PIC18F46J11 Supported
PIC18F46J13 Supported
PIC18F46J50 Supported
PIC18F46J53 Supported
PIC18F46K20 disabled
PIC18F46K22 Supported
PIC18F46K40 Supported
PIC18F46K80 Supported
PIC18F47J13 Supported
PIC18F47J53 Supported
PIC18F47K40 Supported
PIC18F63J11 Supported
PIC18F63J90 Supported
PIC18F64J11 Supported
PIC18F64J90 Supported
PIC18F6527 disabled
PIC18F65J11 Supported
PIC18F65J15 Supported
PIC18F65J50 Supported
PIC18F65J90 Supported
PIC18F65J94 disabled
PIC18F65K22 Supported
PIC18F65K40 Supported
PIC18F65K80 Supported
PIC18F65K90 Supported
PIC18F6622 disabled
PIC18F6627 disabled
PIC18F6628 disabled
PIC18F66J10 Supported
PIC18F66J11 Supported
PIC18F66J15 Supported
PIC18F66J16 Supported
PIC18F66J50 Supported
PIC18F66J55 Supported
PIC18F66J60 Supported
PIC18F66J65 Supported
PIC18F66J90 Supported
PIC18F66J93 Supported
PIC18F66J94 disabled
PIC18F66K22 Supported
PIC18F66K40 Supported
PIC18F66K80 Supported
PIC18F66K90 Supported
PIC18F6722 disabled
PIC18F6723 disabled
PIC18F67J10 Supported
PIC18F67J11 Supported
PIC18F67J50 Supported
PIC18F67J60 Supported
PIC18F67J90 Supported
PIC18F67J93 Supported
PIC18F67J94 disabled
PIC18F67K22 Supported
PIC18F67K40 Supported
PIC18F67K90 Supported
PIC18F83J11 Supported
PIC18F83J90 Supported
PIC18F84J11 Supported
PIC18F84J90 Supported
PIC18F8527 disabled
PIC18F85J10 Supported
PIC18F85J11 Supported
PIC18F85J15 Supported
PIC18F85J50 Supported
PIC18F85J90 Supported
PIC18F85J94 disabled
PIC18F85K22 Supported
PIC18F85K90 Supported
PIC18F8622 disabled
PIC18F8628 disabled
PIC18F86J10 Supported
PIC18F86J11 Supported
PIC18F86J15 Supported
PIC18F86J16 Supported
PIC18F86J50 Supported
PIC18F86J55 Supported
PIC18F86J60 Supported
PIC18F86J65 Supported
PIC18F86J90 Supported
PIC18F86J93 Supported
PIC18F86J94 disabled
PIC18F86K22 Supported
PIC18F86K90 Supported
PIC18F8722 disabled
PIC18F8723 disabled
PIC18F87J10 Supported
PIC18F87J11 Supported
PIC18F87J50 Supported
PIC18F87J60 Supported
PIC18F87J90 Supported
PIC18F87J93 Supported
PIC18F87J94 disabled
PIC18F87K22 Supported
PIC18F87K90 Supported
PIC18F95J94 disabled
PIC18F96J60 Supported
PIC18F96J65 Supported
PIC18F96J94 disabled
PIC18F97J60 Supported
PIC18F97J94 disabled
PIC18LF1230 Supported
PIC18LF1320 Supported
PIC18LF1330 Supported
PIC18LF2221  disabled
PIC18LF2321 disabled
PIC18LF2331 disabled
PIC18LF2410 disabled
PIC18LF2423 disabled
PIC18LF242 disabled
PIC18LF2431 disabled
PIC18LF2455 disabled
PIC18LF2480 disabled
PIC18LF24J10  Supported
PIC18LF24K40 Supported
PIC18LF24K50 Supported
PIC18LF2510 disabled
PIC18LF2515 disabled
PIC18LF2523 disabled
PIC18LF252 disabled
PIC18LF2585 disabled
PIC18LF25K22  Supported
PIC18LF25K50 Supported
PIC18LF2610 disabled
PIC18LF2620 disabled
PIC18LF2680 disabled
PIC18LF26K22 Supported
PIC18LF26K40 Supported
PIC18LF27K40 Supported
PIC18LF4220 disabled
PIC18LF4221 disabled
PIC18LF4321 disabled
PIC18LF4331 disabled
PIC18LF4410 disabled
PIC18LF4420 disabled
PIC18LF4423 disabled
PIC18LF442 disabled
PIC18LF4431 disabled
PIC18LF4450 disabled
PIC18LF4455  disabled
PIC18LF4480 disabled
PIC18LF44J10 Supported
PIC18LF4510 disabled
PIC18LF4515 disabled
PIC18LF4523 disabled
PIC18LF4550 disabled
PIC18LF4580 disabled
PIC18LF4585 disabled
PIC18LF45J10  Supported
PIC18LF45K22 Supported
PIC18LF45K40 Supported
PIC18LF45K50 Supported
PIC18LF4610 disabled
PIC18LF4680 disabled
PIC18LF46K40  Supported
PIC18LF47K40 Supported
PIC18LF6527 disabled
PIC18LF65K40 Supported
PIC18LF6627 disabled
PIC18LF66K40 Supported
PIC18LF67K40 Supported
PIC18LF8527 disabled
PIC18LF8722 disabled
PIC24EP128GP202 Supported
PIC24EP128GP204 Supported
PIC24EP128GP206 Supported
PIC24EP128MC202 Supported
PIC24EP128MC204 Supported
PIC24EP128MC206 Supported
PIC24EP256GP202 Supported
PIC24EP256GP204 Supported
PIC24EP256GP206 Supported
PIC24EP256GU810 Supported
PIC24EP256GU814 Supported
PIC24EP256MC202 Supported
PIC24EP256MC204 Supported
PIC24EP256MC206 Supported
PIC24EP32GP202 Supported
PIC24EP32GP203 Supported
PIC24EP32GP204 Supported
PIC24EP32MC202 Supported
PIC24EP32MC203 Supported
PIC24EP32MC204 Supported
PIC24EP512GP202  Supported
PIC24EP512GP204 Supported
PIC24EP512GP206 Supported
PIC24EP512GP806 Supported
PIC24EP512GU810 Supported
PIC24EP512GU814  Supported
PIC24EP512MC202 Supported
PIC24EP512MC204 Supported
PIC24EP512MC206 Supported
PIC24EP64GP202 Supported
PIC24EP64GP203 Supported
PIC24EP64GP204 Supported
PIC24EP64GP206 Supported
PIC24EP64MC202 Supported
PIC24EP64MC203 Supported
PIC24EP64MC204 Supported
PIC24EP64MC206 Supported
PIC24F04KA200  Supported
PIC24F04KA201 Supported
PIC24F04KL100 Supported
PIC24F04KL101 Supported
PIC24F08KA101 Supported
PIC24F08KA102 Supported
PIC24F08KL200 Supported
PIC24F08KL201 Supported
PIC24F08KL301 Supported
PIC24F08KL302 Supported
PIC24F08KL401 Supported
PIC24F08KL402 Supported
PIC24F08KM101 Supported
PIC24F08KM102 Supported
PIC24F08KM202 Supported
PIC24F08KM204 Supported
PIC24F16KA101 Supported
PIC24F16KA102 Supported
PIC24F16KA301 Supported
PIC24F16KA302 Supported
PIC24F16KA304 Supported
PIC24F16KL401 Supported
PIC24F16KL402 Supported
PIC24F16KM102 Supported
PIC24F16KM104 Supported
PIC24F16KM202 Supported
PIC24F16KM204 Supported
PIC24F32KA301 Supported
PIC24F32KA302 Supported
PIC24F32KA304 Supported
PIC24FJ128DA106 Supported
PIC24FJ128DA110 Supported
PIC24FJ128DA206 Supported
PIC24FJ128DA210 Supported
PIC24FJ128GA006 Supported
PIC24FJ128GA008 Supported
PIC24FJ128GA010 Supported
PIC24FJ128GA106 Supported
PIC24FJ128GA108 Supported
PIC24FJ128GA110 Supported
PIC24FJ128GA306 Supported
PIC24FJ128GA308 Supported
PIC24FJ128GA310 Supported
PIC24FJ128GB106 Supported
PIC24FJ128GB108 Supported
PIC24FJ128GB110 Supported
PIC24FJ128GB206 Supported
PIC24FJ128GB210 Supported
PIC24FJ128GC006 Supported
PIC24FJ128GC010  Supported
PIC24FJ16GA002 Supported
PIC24FJ16GA004 Supported
PIC24FJ16MC101 Supported
PIC24FJ16MC102 Supported
PIC24FJ192GA106 Supported
PIC24FJ192GA108 Supported
PIC24FJ192GA110 Supported
PIC24FJ192GB106 Supported
PIC24FJ192GB108 Supported
PIC24FJ192GB110 Supported
PIC24FJ256DA106 Supported
PIC24FJ256DA110 Supported
PIC24FJ256DA206 Supported
PIC24FJ256DA210 Supported
PIC24FJ256GA106 Supported
PIC24FJ256GA108 Supported
PIC24FJ256GA110 Supported
PIC24FJ256GB106 Supported
PIC24FJ256GB108 Supported
PIC24FJ256GB110  Supported
PIC24FJ256GB206 Supported
PIC24FJ256GB210 Supported
PIC24FJ32GA002 Supported
PIC24FJ32GA004 Supported
PIC24FJ32GA102 Supported
PIC24FJ32GA104 Supported
PIC24FJ32GB002 Supported
PIC24FJ32GB004 Supported
PIC24FJ32MC101 Supported
PIC24FJ32MC102 Supported
PIC24FJ32MC104 Supported
PIC24FJ48GA002 Supported
PIC24FJ48GA004 Supported
PIC24FJ64GA002 Supported
PIC24FJ64GA004 Supported
PIC24FJ64GA006 Supported
PIC24FJ64GA008 Supported
PIC24FJ64GA010 Supported
PIC24FJ64GA102 Supported
PIC24FJ64GA104 Supported
PIC24FJ64GA106 Supported
PIC24FJ64GA108 Supported
PIC24FJ64GA110 Supported
PIC24FJ64GA306 Supported
PIC24FJ64GA308 Supported
PIC24FJ64GA310 Supported
PIC24FJ64GB002 Supported
PIC24FJ64GB004 Supported
PIC24FJ64GB106 Supported
PIC24FJ64GB108 Supported
PIC24FJ64GB110 Supported
PIC24FJ64GC006 Supported
PIC24FJ64GC010 Supported
PIC24FJ96GA006 Supported
PIC24FJ96GA008 Supported
PIC24FJ96GA010 Supported
PIC24HJ128GP202 Supported
PIC24HJ128GP204 Supported
PIC24HJ128GP206A Supported
PIC24HJ128GP206 Supported
PIC24HJ128GP210A Supported
PIC24HJ128GP210 Supported
PIC24HJ128GP306A Supported
PIC24HJ128GP306 Supported
PIC24HJ128GP310A Supported
PIC24HJ128GP310 Supported
PIC24HJ128GP502 Supported
PIC24HJ128GP504 Supported
PIC24HJ128GP506A Supported
PIC24HJ128GP506 Supported
PIC24HJ128GP510A Supported
PIC24HJ128GP510 Supported
PIC24HJ12GP201 Supported
PIC24HJ12GP202 Supported
PIC24HJ16GP304 Supported
PIC24HJ256GP206A Supported
PIC24HJ256GP206 Supported
PIC24HJ256GP210A Supported
PIC24HJ256GP210 Supported
PIC24HJ256GP610A Supported
PIC24HJ256GP610 Supported
PIC24HJ32GP202 Supported
PIC24HJ32GP204 Supported
PIC24HJ32GP302 Supported
PIC24HJ32GP304 Supported
PIC24HJ64GP202 Supported
PIC24HJ64GP204 Supported
PIC24HJ64GP206A  Supported
PIC24HJ64GP206 Supported
PIC24HJ64GP210A Supported
PIC24HJ64GP210 Supported
PIC24HJ64GP502 Supported
PIC24HJ64GP504 Supported
PIC24HJ64GP506A Supported
PIC24HJ64GP506 Supported
PIC24HJ64GP510A Supported
PIC24HJ64GP510 Supported
PIC32MM0016GPL020 Supported
PIC32MM0016GPL028 Supported
PIC32MM0016GPL036 Supported
PIC32MM0032GPL020 Supported
PIC32MM0032GPL028  Supported
PIC32MM0032GPL036 Supported
PIC32MM0064GPL020 Supported
PIC32MM0064GPL028 Supported
PIC32MM0064GPL036 Supported
PIC32MM0064GPM028 Supported
PIC32MM0064GPM036 Supported
PIC32MM0064GPM048 Supported
PIC32MM0064GPM064 Supported
PIC32MM0128GPM028 Supported
PIC32MM0128GPM036 Supported
PIC32MM0128GPM048 Supported
PIC32MM0128GPM064 Supported
PIC32MM0256GPM028 Supported
PIC32MM0256GPM036 Supported
PIC32MM0256GPM048 Supported
PIC32MM0256GPM064 Supported
PIC32MX110F016B Supported
PIC32MX110F016C Supported
PIC32MX110F016D Supported
PIC32MX120F032B Supported
PIC32MX120F032C Supported
PIC32MX120F032D Supported
PIC32MX120F064H Supported
PIC32MX130F064B Supported
PIC32MX130F064C Supported
PIC32MX130F064D Supported
PIC32MX130F128H Supported
PIC32MX130F128L Supported
PIC32MX130F256B Supported
PIC32MX130F256D Supported
PIC32MX150F128B Supported
PIC32MX150F128C Supported
PIC32MX150F128D Supported
PIC32MX150F256H Supported
PIC32MX150F256L Supported
PIC32MX170F256B Supported
PIC32MX170F256D Supported
PIC32MX170F512H Supported
PIC32MX170F512L Supported
PIC32MX210F016B Supported
PIC32MX210F016C Supported
PIC32MX210F016D Supported
PIC32MX220F032B Supported
PIC32MX220F032C Supported
PIC32MX220F032D Supported
PIC32MX230F064B Supported
PIC32MX230F064C Supported
PIC32MX230F064D Supported
PIC32MX230F128H Supported
PIC32MX230F128L Supported
PIC32MX230F256B Supported
PIC32MX230F256D Supported
PIC32MX250F128B Supported
PIC32MX250F128C Supported
PIC32MX250F128D Supported
PIC32MX250F256H Supported
PIC32MX250F256L Supported
PIC32MX270F256B Supported
PIC32MX270F256D Supported
PIC32MX270F512H Supported
PIC32MX270F512L Supported
PIC32MX320F032H Supported
PIC32MX320F064H Supported
PIC32MX320F128H Supported
PIC32MX320F128L Supported
PIC32MX330F064H Supported
PIC32MX330F064L Supported
PIC32MX340F128H Supported
PIC32MX340F128L Supported
PIC32MX340F256H Supported
PIC32MX340F512H Supported
PIC32MX350F128H Supported
PIC32MX350F128L Supported
PIC32MX350F256H Supported
PIC32MX350F256L Supported
PIC32MX360F256L Supported
PIC32MX360F512L Supported
PIC32MX370F512H Supported
PIC32MX370F512L Supported
PIC32MX420F032H Supported
PIC32MX430F064H Supported
PIC32MX430F064L  Supported
PIC32MX440F128H Supported
PIC32MX440F128L Supported
PIC32MX440F256H Supported
PIC32MX440F512H Supported
PIC32MX450F128H Supported
PIC32MX450F128L Supported
PIC32MX450F256H Supported
PIC32MX450F256L Supported
PIC32MX460F256L Supported
PIC32MX460F512L Supported
PIC32MX470F512H Supported
PIC32MX470F512L Supported
PIC32MX530F128H Supported
PIC32MX530F128L Supported
PIC32MX534F064H Supported
PIC32MX534F064L Supported
PIC32MX550F256H Supported
PIC32MX550F256L Supported
PIC32MX564F064H Supported
PIC32MX564F064L Supported
PIC32MX564F128H Supported
PIC32MX564F128L Supported
PIC32MX570F512H Supported
PIC32MX570F512L Supported
PIC32MX575F256H  Supported
PIC32MX575F256L  Supported
PIC32MX575F512H Supported
PIC32MX575F512L Supported
PIC32MX664F064H Supported
PIC32MX664F064L Supported
PIC32MX664F128H Supported
PIC32MX664F128L Supported
PIC32MX675F256H Supported
PIC32MX675F256L Supported
PIC32MX675F512H Supported
PIC32MX675F512L Supported
PIC32MX695F512H Supported
PIC32MX695F512L Supported
PIC32MX764F128H Supported
PIC32MX764F128L  Supported
PIC32MX775F256H Supported
PIC32MX775F256L Supported
PIC32MX775F512H Supported
PIC32MX775F512L Supported
PIC32MX795F512H Supported
PIC32MX795F512L Supported
PIC32MZ0512EFE064 Supported
PIC32MZ0512EFE100 Supported
PIC32MZ0512EFE124 Supported
PIC32MZ0512EFE144 Supported
PIC32MZ0512EFF064 Supported
PIC32MZ0512EFF100 Supported
PIC32MZ0512EFF124 Supported
PIC32MZ0512EFF144 Supported
PIC32MZ0512EFK064 Supported
PIC32MZ0512EFK100 Supported
PIC32MZ0512EFK124 Supported
PIC32MZ0512EFK144 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFE064 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFE100 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFE124 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFE144 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFF064 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFF100 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFF124 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFF144 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFG064 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFG100 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFG124 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFG144 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFH064 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFH100 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFH124 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFH144 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFK064 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFK100 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFK124  Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFK144 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFM064 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFM100 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFM124 Supported
PIC32MZ1024EFM144 Supported
PIC32MZ2048EFG064 Supported
PIC32MZ2048EFG100 Supported
PIC32MZ2048EFG124 Supported
PIC32MZ2048EFG144 Supported
PIC32MZ2048EFH064 Supported
PIC32MZ2048EFH100 Supported
PIC32MZ2048EFH124 Supported
PIC32MZ2048EFH144 Supported
PIC32MZ2048EFM064 Supported
PIC32MZ2048EFM100 Supported
PIC32MZ2048EFM124 Supported
PIC32MZ2048EFM144 Supported

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