Microchip Technology Inc


Part Number: AT88CK101STK3

Not Recommended.

Development tool for applications that protect confidential files, encrypt downloads, perform two-factor logons, authenticate products, and prevent software piracy. The starter kit includes a microbase board with a USB interface that lets designers learn and experiment on their PCs. It includes a daughterboard that interfaces to the microbase via a 10-pin header. The daughterboard has a single 3-pin SOT23 socket for development. Software developed on the PC can also serve as the base for code to be ported to an embedded microcontroller. Source code can also be edited to integrate with ARM or other platforms. This kit uses a modular approach, enabling the daughterboard to connect directly to an STK series AVR development platform to easily add security to applications. An optional adapter kit is also available when the 10-pin header on the daughterboard requires a different pin out. Theeasy-to-use CryptoAuthentication utility demonstrates the functionality of the CryptoAuthentication device.

    • Kit includes: microbase board, single socket development board, USB extension cable, CryptoAuthentic