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Display - Low-cost Controllerless (LCC)

The EV08Z13A is a hardware platform designed to evaluate the Timberwolf ZL380xx Audio Processors. It is designed for use with the Timberwolf Demo Tool & MiTuner. It demonstrates 2-way voice communication, Embedded speech recognition, and Audio event detection. The EV08Z13A is full-featured development kit with included quick start guide for rapid prototyping out of the box.
The High-Performance 4.3" WQVGA Display Module with maXTouch® (AC320005-4) Technology is designed for evaluating the Microchip graphics display solution and graphics library for 32-bit microcontrollers. This board is compatible with the Multimedia Expansion Board II (DM320005-2), as well as with Xplained Pro and Xplained Ultra evaluation kits. This board has a TFT 480 x 272 display with 24-bit parallel RGB interface with a maXTouch technology capacitive touch interface.
The Low-Cost Controllerless (LCC) Graphics PICtail Plus Daughter Board enables development of graphics solutions without an external graphics controller, thus reducing system BOM cost for many applications. The board is designed to attach to a PIC32 starter kit (DM320001, DM320003-2, DM320004) or an Explorer16 development board (DM240001) and one of Microchip LCD Modules including the Truly 3.2” QVGA board and the 4.3” WQVGA Powertip display panel

The PIC32 GUI Development Board with Projected Capacitive Touch enables development of cost effective multi touch graphical user interfaces. It is based on PIC32MX795F512 with 105 DMIPS performance, 512KB Flash and 128KB RAM. The PIC32 is coupled with a low cost PSRAM as a high speed graphics frame buffering and a 4.3” WQVGA touch display enabling development of graphics solutions without an external graphics controller. Additionally the board provides USB host and device connectivity and supports I/O connections via through-hole pads for custom board attachment. Multi touch user input is supported by Microchip’s Turnkey Projected Capacitive Touch Controller, MTCH6301. The board is a standalone development platform that can be programmed/debugged via the on board 5-pin In-Circuit Serial Programmer interface designed for Microchip’s PICkit3 In-Circuit Debugger.