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Smartphone Accessories

The Microchip PIC32 Accessory Development Start Kit for Android™ is used for evaluating and developing accessories for Google’s Android operating system for smartphones and tablets.

Please note that all orders for this board are subject to design approval.  Contact your Microchip representative for details prior to placing your order.

Microchip’s EV08Z13A evaluation board features Microchip’s ZL380xx Timberwolf family of audio processors, capable of running the full family of Timberwolf technology firmware. The EV08Z13A is designed to help developers quickly prototype and demonstrate high-quality audio processing algorithms such as full-duplex stereo echo cancellation, beamforming, noise reduction, dynamic range control, audio event detection etc.  The EV08Z13A evaluation board can be used to easily demonstrate algorithms for 2-way voice communication, embedded speech recognition, and audio event detection applications by using the Timberwolf Demo Tool software. Once ready for application-specific customization, the EV08Z13A can be configured and tuned with the Microchip MiTuner GUI software.


The MCP39F511 Smart Plug is a fully functional power meter capable of transmitting its data over a Bluetooth® interface to an Android phone or tablet. It is designed to stand between the wall outlet and any electronic device that the user wants to control and monitor remotely. The system calculates the real-time values of the RMS current, RMS voltage, frequency, active, reactive and apparent power, power factor and also the energy consumption.
The MCP39F511 Smart Plug allows remote power control to save energy when the user turns an unused device off, instead of keeping it in stand-by (still consuming power). It also offers an easy way of monitoring the electrical behavior of home devices and appliances, allowing early detection of malfunctions if an over power or over current event is observed.
The free Android application for the MCP39F511 Smart Plug can be found on the Google Play Store under "Microchip Smart Plug".


Microchip 15W Multi-Coil Wireless Power Transmitter

**For development reference only, not a product for sale**

Part Number: 15W_Multi-Coil_Wireless_Power

The Three Coil Wireless Power Transmitter is based on the dsPIC33CH128MP506 device and implements a fixed frequency power control topology. The front-end buck-boost control is managed by the dsPIC33CH device. The transmitter includes CAN for ease of integration into the automotive environment. The transmitter also enables the implementation of NFC.

Microchip’s dual-core dsPIC33CH devices integrates the wireless power software stack along with CAN-FD software, Front-end Buck- Boost control, NFC software stack, and Crypto Authentication software. The software is partitioned between the two cores such that the wireless power control is implemented independently on one core and all the remaining functions are implemented in the other core. This partitioning facilitates independent code development on separate modules and enables parallel execution of the Qi protocol and other functions such as NFC

PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit

Part Number: DV320032

No Longer Available
The PIC32 Bluetooth® Audio Development Kit provides a comprehensive solution to develop Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming solutions and applications. The board is coupled with two daughter cards: the Bluetooth HCI Radio Daughter Card that demonstrates a low cost Bluetooth implementation and the Audio DAC Daughter Card that demonstrates a high quality 16/24-bit, 32-192 KHz audio conversion/amplification for line or headphones. The kit ships with demo code that enables wireless streaming digital audio from any Bluetooth enabled Smartphone or portable music player or over USB.

Daughter cards compatible with PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit :
PIC32 Audio Codec Daughter Card - AK4642EN (AC320100)
PIC32 Audio DAC Daughter Board - AK4384VT (AC320032-2)

 Plug-In Module compatible with PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit (Only Compatible with BLUE PIMs) :
PIC32MZ Audio 144pin - PIM for Bluetooth Audio Development Kit (MA320016)
PIC32MX270F256D PIM (MA320013)
PIC32MX270F512L PIM (MA320017)

Click here for information on PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Suites

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The PIC32MX270F512L Bluetooth Audio PIM is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the PIC32MX1/2/5 family of devices using the PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit. It enables Bluetooth and Digital Audio development  with PIC32MX270F512L MCU using the PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit.

Note: This Plug-in Module is not compatible with the Explorer 16 Development Board.