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Power Management - Integrated Regulators

Please note that all orders for this board are subject to design approval.  Contact your Microchip representative for details prior to placing your order.

Microchip’s EV08Z13A evaluation board features Microchip’s ZL380xx Timberwolf family of audio processors, capable of running the full family of Timberwolf technology firmware. The EV08Z13A is designed to help developers quickly prototype and demonstrate high-quality audio processing algorithms such as full-duplex stereo echo cancellation, beamforming, noise reduction, dynamic range control, audio event detection etc.  The EV08Z13A evaluation board can be used to easily demonstrate algorithms for 2-way voice communication, embedded speech recognition, and audio event detection applications by using the Timberwolf Demo Tool software. Once ready for application-specific customization, the EV08Z13A can be configured and tuned with the Microchip MiTuner GUI software.


The MCP1661 High-Voltage Boost and SEPIC Converters Evaluation Board is used to evaluate Microchip Technology’s MCP1661 product. This board demonstrates the MCP1661 capabilities in two different topologies:
• 12V output Boost Converter application supplied from an external voltage source (VIN < 5.5V e.g. two cell boost to 12V)
• 3.3V output SEPIC Converter application supplied from a Li-Ion Cell. It can be used to evaluate the SOT-23-5 package. The MCP1661 High-Voltage Boost and SEPIC Converters Evaluation Board was developed to help engineers reduce product design cycle time.
In both the MCP1661 Boost Application and MCP1661 SEPIC Application, the output voltage is set to the proper value using an external resistor divider, resulting in a simple and compact solution.
In the MCP1661 SEPIC Application, a switch is used to enable and disable the converter. When enabled, the MCP1661 will regulate the output voltage; when disabled, the MCP1661 SEPIC Application will disconnect the path from input to output.
The TC1303B Dual-Output Regulator with Power-Good Output Demo Board can be used to evaluate the TC1303B device over the input voltage range and output current range for both the synchronous buck regulator output and the low-dropout linear regulator output.

Test points are provided for input power, output loads, shutdown control and power-good monitoring.